Impossible queues of 20,000 players and more

It is Sunday, the day when most of us can play the most, and it is impossible for us to enjoy this great game with the long queues.

For my part, I am not going to spend any more money on the game, and I warn that if none of us spend money it will have a limited life.

Queues=No money


I agree on the queues, but at the same time I know it will settle eventually.

However, I rly hope that Smilegate is reconsidering their agreement with AGS…


amazon at their best, making sure everyone get the New world experience.

their big solution will be to add more servers, instead they could just increase the capacity. would save a lot of time and hassle of server merges/ transfers etc later on down the line. but that would be too easy for them.

I’m not expecting anything from the game, it will most likely flop like new world but i do agree queue times are ridiculous and need to be fixed. they still haven’t gotten it into their minds that people coming from other games will be coming with their guild members who want to play together, not split over the 5 servers with little queue times


Yeah - started with 21k+ queue at approx 1.20pm UK time. Now at 15k+ as I write this. At least I am in a queue - people are now being kicked to join the said queue as servers are bursting at the seams. Cannot even queue for the queue lol.

Read what you just wrote.

“The day when most of us can play the most”.

So yes, you’re going to have queues since others are going to play the game along with you. They’re working on EU queues, it’s on the top of the page. What exactly do you want them to do?

increase server capacity from day 1 would have been a good start…

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They’re being reactive instead of proactive. But they are working on it.

they are sleeping on it imo :clock3:

You seriously don’t think they’re trying to get the servers up? Please tell me you don’t honestly think they’re purposefully dragging their feet.

Those 21,000 people in queue are unable to access the shop and spend money. They have an financial incentive to get everyone into the game. Heck even if you aren’t spending money directly, they want you in the game so you can farm the gold and sell that gold for the blue crystals to people who do spend money.

Amazon isn’t sitting around twiddling their thumbs. They’re working on it. They want your money/time. They’ll fix it. It’s in their interest to do so.

I joined the least popular founders server because I knew queues would be an issue. After f2p I was sitting in a 11k queue yesterday and 20k today.

The people in charge of AGS have absolutely no idea how to manage games, it shows with new world and it shows now as a publisher of Lost Ark.

Is it some old dude who have zero tech knowledge and is only in a position of power because of his name or snake talk because whoever or whatever he is doing is fundamentally flawed.


cmoon they already got theyr millions $, they are fine, imagine not even able to refund the founder pack what a steal

Amazon game had same problem with new world too they had to got thier leasons from past. as we see they havent +20k queses not acceptable with 3 4 hours wait time.


People could spend at max, $200 on founder packs. People can spend way more than that on the cash shop items. Please don’t be so ignorant to think they only wanted folks to spend money on the founder packs.

i mean almost 400k ppl bought the 100$ founder pack, make a quick math, and we are not talking about the ppl who bought the others

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I bought the $100 founder pack. I’ve spent more than that on crystals so far.

Amazon wants people in the game to spend money on crystals. They make more than a simple $100 from the founder packs.

Having 250000 people in a queue waiting for several hours is a achievement I’m sure is worth beeing proud of.
Thats the kind of publicity every game studio is waiting for, isn’t it?

It isn’t the Game Studio at fault, it is Amazon GS who are the NA/EU publishers who are at fault. Smilegate is the game studio.

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Absolutely brilliant. New World was kinda of an indicator of where the Lost Ark will end. Can’t really imagine worst company to do this release :stuck_out_tongue:

You’re right, publisher is what I really should have been written. That is Amazon Game Studios. This kind of excellent publicity tends to stick to the name. I will remember and associate the name Amazon with smooth MMO-starts for the rest of my life. Kinda helps me when making decisions like choosing between Amazon services and alternatives from other companies :wink:

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HOW can Amazon fail every single game they touch. They killed new world on purpose and now anything they touch they fuck up.

They are taking care of servers = not working
queues = not working
shop = not working
crystaline aura = not working

AND FUCKING 30K QUES (and even if u wait, u will get stuck and kicked out of it) BECAUSE U CAN’T LOCK SERVERS U INCOMPETENT TRASH DEVS.

Every single time the same mistakes… start paying ur devs and let them pee in toilets instead of bottles because it has impact on the game.

I hope smilegate can sue amazon games for these fuckups