Impossible queues of 20,000 players and more

I believe that’s what today’s maintenance was for? It said it is “laying the groundwork” to increase server capacity so hopefully we’ll have that soon.

Lmao from bad to worse…can’t even connect to the game due to heavy traffic! Pathetic…

Doesn’t even bring up the server list.

They have already done so.

You are optimistic for the game and we all know that Amazon want us to pay for crystals. But there is something you don’t think about. Even if they want everyone in without queues, they do not have the capacity to do this. They proved that with NW before, all they did was opening new servers, 494 of 500 servers are empty now in NW.

People are mad because they do not able to increase server capacities and that why it is a failed release.

Imagine youre a big company and cant even provide better server :joy: So sad that amazon got Lost Ark. This game is so good but things like this prove that amazon doesn’t know how to handle it. @Roxx Can you please give us some information what you planning against this big problem? Youre only talking about a solution you cant provide since the pre release.

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Have they? The maintenance we got this morning was not doing that it was only “laying the groundwork”, it wasn’t actually increasing it