Impossible to buy Royal Crystals


I currently have already maxed out my roster spaces, I have 6 characters. I added funds to the steam wallet and I want to buy a character expansion slot ticket but apparently I cannot buy RC a the moment. I click on the amount, the circles that indicates loading, it disappears after 5-10s and nothing happens.
Edit: I have the 2FA for Steam, I already made successful purchases in the past.

EUC - Wei server

Any CM available to check this please? I still cannot buy any amount of RC from the store.

Enable Steam overlay, I had the same thing today, that fixed it.

Already tried. I remembered that disabling it was the most recent operation i did, that since EAC is already killing my CPU eating like 80% of the total utilization. I guess I just have to wait for somebody to respond. Thank anyway for the tip, appreciate it!

Apparently is functioning properly now, after almost 24h.