Impossible to login

The Queue times have meant that I have had little game time this weekend due to sitting in 3 hour queue and not enough game time left…even the 3 day extra bonus thing they gave us wont benefit me at all as I cannot login to play.

Really disappointed by this…for what is essentially a 3 year old Korean game…oh well.

Not sure what else to say that other have expressed as well…

300 Crystals would do nice as Real Compo …not extending that buff by 3 days…as that’s wasted while trying to log in for hours and hours…

The trick is to plan ahead… I logged in at 10am, still 6k in queue so should get to play around 2-3pm.

Yea I wish that was something I could do, but unfortunately I log on when I turn my PC on when I have time to play…and then its luck if i get in or not before other Real Life issues pop up…

So not always possible to sit waiting for hours…

I know you’re trying to be helpful but It really shouldn’t have to be like that though.

Also what about the people who only have a limited time to play.
Are they supposed to base their plans for the entire day around amazon servers?

10200 in queue now…think that’s maybe 2-3 hour wait…I dont think I have the will nor the time to wait so long to play a game…lost ark, Lost Interest.

Nice one…


Pretty much… wait for a week or two then it could be better. You either need to find a workaround for queues like many other people did. Or it is better to wait.

I would not expect amazon to actually solve this… They are very small company with very limited budget after all. :smirk:

I just noticed the main Post about logins…and some are sitting at 23k now…here I though i had issues with a 10k+queue…ouch.

I agree they should provide more capacity. But everyone can expect that there will be queues if the game got so much hype. I understand that you are very emotional right now.

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nah chilled out…not much a poor pleb wanting to Play Lost Ark for free can do…wait till they wake up or whoever looses the All night Dungeons and Dragons session…has to phone the Boss to tell them that the EU servers are about to explode…and the Forums posts went nuts…I dont envy that guys job!

6600 in queue, was 12800 3 hours ago xD

yea 7.8k now…

lucky guys with ques :wink: