Improvable Event Design

There are obviously a lot of threads already but I still wanna open a new one because I am frustrated about the presentation of this current event.

I think it is a great pity that something that was supposed to be an exciting thing turned so quickly into a cause of frustration for me and many others. I personally read the patch notes and still chose my main for the express event because of the preview chest. And I opened my feiton pass that I wanted to use on a destroyer next month because it said it expires on June 30th. Now I found out that the pass expires in one week after opening, don´t know how I
could´ve known that beforehand. Furthermore it doesn´t seem like anything about those issues is getting addressed so the event is now just a big prank for me personally and I really don´t wanna login right now and don´t know when I will again.

For the first case I can see how it could´ve been avoided by me if I would´ve read more carefully even though it was pretty deceiving in my opinion, but for the pass there was no indication for it´s early expiration upon opening as far as I could tell.
I don´t demand anything from the devs and I know that it´s a free game and all that. And of course it is awesome that they give out free stuff and do events at all. And yet I still wanna share my feedback. An event that makes me not wanna play and allows me to ruin it so easily isn´t that great in design I find.