Improve Bot / RMT detection tools

No online game has successfully killed off or deterred bots, not even subscription models like WoW and FFXIV. Restricting VPN access or changing / removing gold rewards only gets circumvented in 24 hours. People suggesting to hire some employee to sit in Vern and ban bots is also not a viable solution considering the # of channels, # of servers, and the ease of creating new bots in a F2P game with no KYC/SSN requirement.

What other games have done that have at least mitigated the bot / RMT problems is to quickly identify and ban RMT’ers and gold seller accounts. A 3-day slap on the wrist only encourages more players to RMT. I know CM’s here are saying they are doing more than that depending on the severity, but based on the sentiment of several forums and discords across the web – no, you guys aren’t. RMT is hardly getting punished, and some are even “protecting” their accounts by spending a fraction of their money on royal crystals in the cash shop.

Question to the CM’s: Are there systems in place that will automatically flag–

  • Accounts that spend more than 8+ hours per day in chaos dungeon, multiple days a week? This is not a real player and should even be an immediate ban if the user is in T1 or T2
  • Newly created berserker/sorc accounts that speedrun through the story in a 24+ hour period.
  • Marketplace transactions for T1 or T2 items that go for 100x their average value on the marketplace. This should be priority #1 to detect RMT accounts and gold sellers.
  • Any 1500+ iLvl player with complete level 10 gems. Flag their account for investigation as you should have the logs to trace their wealth gains, whether it was through royal crystal exchange or not, and if not legitimate, the money trail will lead you to gold seller accounts and other RMT’ers.

The above are just examples but there are tons of data points you can and should be using to flag suspicious activity, and address bots and RMT swiftly…not just once a month.

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Their incapability to act against RMTplayers/Bots can only be explained by a lack of “analysis/anti-cheating” department.

They’re starting from nothing because they basically didn’t hire anyone to do this at launch. And it takes time to either recruit or come out with a proper solution.

The house is burning, but there is no fireman. And none to be expected in a timely manner.

This lack of foresight truly is remarkable in 2022.