Improve endgame content

Legion raids are currently only endgame content. I think it is not enough. There is no other content that would test your build.

Even cheap solutions would make the difference. Similar to thronespire, why are chaos dungeons ilvl gated and fixed. Imagine running much higher ilvl chaos dungeon in a party of 4.

Same could be applied for cubes and boss rush. Boss rush fixed 1302 ilvl. Really??

Hey there @sanjuro, we appreciate the feedback. What sort of endgame content are you wanting to see?

maybe a new abyssal raid or a new difficulty for argos ?

new 4 man raids may also work ? ilvl appropriate since the abyssal dungeons are useless when you’re doing raids.

Okay, okay. Those are great suggestions! Thanks, @lawahez for contributing to the discussion. :slight_smile:

@o-o Basically any other content to be relevant for endgame builds.

But personally i would like to see difficulty scaling chaos dungeons that u could run with lower ilvl then dungeon is, in party of 4 it could be fun.
Same boss rush. Boss difficulty is fixed now. But it could scale too aswell. These should be easily and fast done by programmers in my opinion. Thanks for interest.

new abyss raid like the old with kaishur as 16 players

make updated cube, boss rush and tower

Some of those ideas I’m afraid are not gonna work well until we get tripod update that KR got. At the moment most people have only tripods for fighting bosses, not mobs like in Chaos Dungeon/Cube.

My idea for endgame content would be something really different from what we have so far:

  • you start with basic gear, a few battle items
  • map is dungeon like, procedurally generated
  • you find drops from mobs - gear, engravings, tripods, battle items (just for that run), special currency
  • at the end of each floor you get a boss to beat
  • every few floors you reach safe spot with shops to buy/sell stuff and prepare for next floors
  • rewards are titles, skins, pets, mounts, maybe some mats and such (kinda like with PvP vendor)

So in essence roguelike mode for Lost Ark.

:eyes: Wow! You all are awesome.

@sanjuro, thank you for expanding on your topic!

@staryimoze, interesting. I really like this idea.

I will forward this thread to the Development team. If there is anything else you can think of regarding endgame content ideas, please don’t hesitate to comment! :smile:

Its called 2 man busses

Your idea would be cool after we get content that utilizes our grinded gear and builds, since yours ignores it.

this feels like a combination of diablo 3 and hades.

if utilized in the lost ark play style i think it would be insanely fun.

i personally went through hades no less than 60 times and im not bored at all.