Improvement Feedback on Aesthetic Changes in our version (Demon Form, Artwork, Etc)

For people who cares prev link: Feedback and transparency regarding the controversial changes to the game

I know that previous post has been answered by the CM team where some implementations are deliberate, but I hoping to send a message to the devs that the changes in our version for the looks are ugly as hell.

The Demon form of shadowhunter
Top is our NA/EU version

Bottom is original version
CMs Reply:

Improvement changes:
The problem with this change it doesnt look aesthetically pleasing comparison to the korean changes. If you wish to make it noticeable in pvp and raid, why not make the reddish aura coming out of the character more noticeable? Cause the black skin tone doesn’t make it noticeable when most people zoom out of screen. Therefore adding more reddish black mist coming out of the character or an glowy aura is much better choice because by lore Delains are half demon half human, so “Those who must be tempered”. They keep their demonic powers in check while trying to survive the wasteland. Due to because delains always try to keep their demonic powers in check or resist the corruption. Red mist coming out or a glowy aura makes more sense than a black mass. Cause the black mass just make them look like a ghostly dude.

Card Art
If you want to change the race of the characters in those art, why not make them more aesthetic pleasing to look at?
EX: Gideon

The background of the character for the first picture looks way better than the second picture. Why change the characters background when the characters clothes is white and light color? Sure the skin tone is darker, but i am pretty sure a very light color background can make it look as great. Even the doorway behind the first picture makes the character look alive instead of an overall dread. Gideon by lore should be a charismatic, nosy, crude man fit as a master of the adventure guild. He should NOT look like an assassin that prowls around in the darkness. Same thing with all the other card changes where the color of the background or missing background looks just feels off or compare to original version, it feels like we got a downgraded artwork.

Therefore either changes are reverted, or improve on the artwork.

Censorship problems.
In the first link there will be lots of details going on with censorship, so i wont go into detail on it. My feedback is hoping that we get an option of getting the original none censorship. Cause isnt this game rated for PEGI 18? So People should be aware the game contain graphical violence and sexy look by nature.

@Roxx @Seawolf


Don’t even notice these things in game, wouldn’t even know about them if it wasn’t for you.

The demonic thing ican sort of understand, but whos upset about card changes, why do you care about it. Seems like making a bigger deal of something that is so insignificant.

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Meh, It is more to say it is for people who cares about lore and how the game looks. When they look at the card compare to the original it feels like a downgrade in art. Not really upset, just feel like they could have done better, but feels like getting a cookie cutter version. I dont care if they change the race or if they want to change the looks, but i hope they make the art look better and not shit. Also make sure the artwork actually follow the lore instead of not.

Edit: The game should always seek to improve, not static or downgrade.


Ah in that case ill take back what i said, i don’t care so much about art but i know a lot of people do.

Yeah thats what i thought, why did they make it a big deal and changed it from the orginal?


I think the reason they change the some of the characters to make it more westernized and the face presets. However, that just makes it more awkward than necessary. People want the original version more than westernized version. They did answer that they will add back the face presets for the character creation from the korean versions which is a good thing. However, these ones i wish to get an answer whether they are going to revert or change it to look better. Cause so far there has been no words other than reasons why they change it. Even the censorship parts is weird too and unnecessary


I’m feel like the demonic form is a biproduct of AGS “westernizing” the skin tones of NPCs etc… and their official response is a cop out… “more noticeable”. If it were deliberate why wasn’t it changed in KR/RU? More noticeable? Give it a red toned super armor outline WHEN IN PVP/Dungeon. There’s literally an accessibility option that already does this for your character… Just implement it into the demonic form and make it red when in the associated content. Fix the damn textures and give us our proper demonic form since we’re transformed 85% of the fight.


Not only doing censorship and changes but having changes look shit … Nice Work amazon …


Yeah that’s why i asked for improvement on their change, I main shadowhunter demonic impulse build and not being able to see my character in demon form irks me.

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Whatever changes they make to the base game must always be optional. Instead we are forced with half assed changes across the board. That is not okay.

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i understand if demonic dont like their form but the cards? who cares.

Where did they say that? And will we need to pay for it? (most likely)

I went back and search the history again to see where i found it. However, by my discovery rereading the post. I made a mistake. The cms went to ask the dev team whether it is possible for them to add asian preset at launch and get back to us. However, i am not sure if they got back to us with the info.


No we never heard about the face presets after that post.

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It was suggested having the original files of demon form as an optional DLC to download on steam for those who want it.

damn that really sucks.
@Seawolf Hi seawolf can i get any confirmation for these?

Roxx made anouther reply about a month ago but they still haven’t gotten back to us on this issue with an answer.

I guess we probably wont get a response till after their roadmap and this whole shitstorm that’s currently happening blows over.

I would definitely support any form of free dlc to get the vanilla look of the game as an optional feature; it would be the best of both worlds really as the choice would be up to each player according to their preference. More choice is always a plus for me, while forced changes that didn’t need to be there are often, in my experience, a bad deal.


that would actually be cool to be able to turn on or off a dlc to see if u want it or not.

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This was already suggested during the beta iirc and shot down. I do not have the exact post right now but I believe it was responded by Seawolf. Partly this would be a developmental nightmare to implement. The other more pressing part is Amazon’s stance was very clear. They will not change the look of the game from what Amazon envisioned.