In b4 forums blow up for reset

I’m going to use this space to just say I think this may be one of the best games I’ve ever played. Top 2 for hours played I think. Other is Rocket League. I dunno. I just really enjoy collecting all my materials to waste them all at the end of the day. Oh, I’m also that guy that says, “I’ll handle pheros.” I guess some people will even hate on that, saying it goes against etiquette. But, I have it macro-texted so I say it right away and it leaves no room for confusion. I dunno what this post is about anymore.

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Ah, to be young… :slight_smile:


I feel sorry for you. LA isn’t even in my top 10

Here i’ll give you a hand:


-Darkest dungeon
-Divinity original sin 2 + modded
-Warcraft 3 + modded
-Pokemon (emulated) + modded

-Elder scrolls series + modded
-Elder scrolls online
-The Witcher 3
-Terraria + modded
-Baldur’s gate 1->3

-Slay the spire
-Loop hero
-Adventure quest (KEKW)

IRL(never online, that’s cancer):

-CS 1.6 modded

-Half Life

Man these are just some of the games i played and i rank higher that LA

Atm looking forward to start playing pathfinder, the new king arthur turn game and starting on elden ring and looking for a way to play MTG Commander in paper over the internet with a webcam


Well at least name your top 3 so I can hate on your picks too.

FFXI, Conker’s Bad Fury Day, Arma 2 OA.

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holy crap, conkers bad fur day for N64 was so insane, I had so much fun.

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Dang you got more hours on rocket league? That’s intense. I agree though, this game is way better.


Yea…But rocket league is also shit so I mean is hour count really that telling?

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this game just out number of hours my RL last week
with 960h on RL, im still d3 :<

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another indie game I feel good is Binding of Isaac

I played the most LoL - 8 years, i really liked SWTOR - the best story in MMO and Star Trek Online. I miss the AAA space MMO game this days. EvE is too complicated.

I heard New World is a great game with lots of players.


Well, at least Lost ark playtime beat my Monster Hunter World playtime but its way behind the MMOs

For game time in those 3 years, all 3 far over time i spent on LA

Binding of isaac

For MMORPG in my lifetime, by gametime : WoW, FFXIV, Aion, GW2, tera/LA being close to 1k both.

Wow these are some shitty games. No wonder the people cant handle the grind

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