In game captcha

Hello dear Lost Ark players! I’m not very good at english but ill try my best :slight_smile: so please do understand me, thanx!

So i was wondering if it’s possible to do such system in game like " captcha " to prevent bots/afk macro users…

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And like a 10min timer for the answer whit 3h or 5h cooldown, or some thing close to this system… if no responce the “player” will be disconnected from the server.



Imagine in the middle of the guardian fight a popup asking you to fill captcha :joy::joy: that’s golden one I must say.

Edit: there is captcha already in the game, wait for Viakiss or whatever shes called over here :joy:

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Imagine raiding and have this pop-up. 200 IQ play.

It would be even more funny if the boss is waiting for the players to complete their anti-bot popup. :smiley:


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It is not supposed to pop-up in the middle of the screen… somewhere in the corner of the screen whit 10/15min timer… I’m talking about the idea not the way it’s suppose to pop-up think a bit wider…

Folks are being so short-sighted.

Something like this could definitely help combatting against bots and for everyone hurdurrrring about this popping up in raids – grand idea: how about just making it so it doesn’t pop-up in instanced content (dungeons, raids, etc.)?

No, this is good and it should pop up when player is inactive (clicking every 30min via some clicker bot), didn’t change zone in long time (1-2h) in his stronghold…

How this should prevent bots?
Captchas beeing used for a long time and there are several methods to autofill captchas like machine learning software.
If somebody is able to code an advanced mmorpg bot thats not trash I bet he could bypass those captchas aswell… I mean it could help against some people but it wouldnt be able to get rid of the problem ones and for all.
We are just the community and this complex topic is something EAC and the devs should take care about and I hope they are onto something… otherwise we’re doomed…

Yeah, that does not work.

Depending on the coding language used it takes only between 5 and 10 lines of code to automatically solve captchas like this today.

This won’t stop bots but only annoy players.

Ok that was hard to understand but I think I do know what you mean…
Like i mentioned before…same problem.
Script that grabs the auth code and autofill… nothing special…
And the idea itself seems giga annoying for “real players”. Let the devs find a good solution… makes no sense at all for random people to throw in ideas about complex topics that they never studied for and at best only got superficial knowledge about.

ps: im pretty much affected by the situation therefore I want a solutioin aswell… I went into que at 11am - It was around 9k… I came back to my PC a little to late and I got inactivity kicked in the character menu… Since 3/4pm im sitting in que again… started with ~19k… im at 7k right now… its super annyoing… and the main reason is because people just use scripts and macros to antiafk… if they would stop the ques already would be way better…

Ok, so can you write such code for your self to avoid captch? I’m an avarage player and i don’t have such knowlage to do so… and i don’t think i’m the only one in game who can’t do it.

What I am saying is that

  • everyone that knows how to code can do this with minimal effort
  • bots commonly used can do this

Captcha are not a solution. Not at all.


The issue with Captchas is that you want them to be easily “solved” by humans.
You cannot have a Captcha that is actually difficult and most people might get wrong on their first attempt. But if you make the Captchas easy enough - or give enough retries - so that most people don’t have any issues with them bots won’t have any issues as well.

Captchas were effective 10 years ago. But today their only purpose it to teach machine learning algorithms how to identify certain things (letters, crosswalks, hillls, busses, …).

Like you already said…you are an “avarage PLAYER”. You are not somebody with bad things in mind … You have no intention to know such stuff…
But the guys we want to get rid of obviously do care about bypassing those things and they try to learn or already know the solutions to do so…

You should consider to make your sentences more understandable…
Really no clue what you are talking about but all the points I made are valid.

Back in Time, Games had Gamemasters activ in the game, they where supposed to overview the game from the inside and swing the banhammer against bots. Since its obvious that goldbots come to almost evry mmorpg, publishers are just cheap to not hire some.
Would be much cheaper to get some ppl with decent rights in the game, before programming some disturbing stuff in it. (and probably messing up with other ingame mechanics)

But yeah, as AGS wrote, they work on a sollution (wich was already solved long long time ago) :smiley:

they just did it congrats!