In-game Currency Exchange is a Joke

Any plans on giving us better rates than this daylight robbery?
$134 CAD for 23K gold and wonder why people RMT…


i feel you man. cant even afford to hone my main bc its so much each hone. its 350g for each hone past 1460. that doesnt include honing on your alts. then you got stronghold research etc. you have to spend gold to make gold and everything is dirt cheap that is farmable. idk if its inflation or deflation or things leveling out but its rough out here. i even sold my 2 grudge books and i still cant make any gold. its all RNG based and i havnt gotten anything worth selling a while

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23K gold for $134 to basically get maybe 1 or 2 hones.

This is just what players are valueing their gold at right now. This is how the game should feel imo. You shouldn’t be able to just swipe 50 dollars and make massive progress.

When it feels like a rip-off to swipe that’s a good thing in my opinion because it becomes easier to ignore obnoxious fomo spending urges.


Its pay to lose. The rmt guys getting away or only getting a 3 day ban can probably consider themselves lucky. Just like the chaos dungeon botters.

they aren’t perma banning rmt anyway, apart from some 3 days vacation so people still doing it, no reason not to.

Just play the game normally instead of trying to use your credit card number as a cheat code


This is why many of us said this game is not p2w, its always better to play and farm.
People whaling through the game system are gods and they are paying game development with their money.

If that’s too much for you, then maybe you’re not in a position to whale on ingame currency.

Not even a dig. It’s too much for me too. That’s why I don’t buy ingame gold. Whaling is for rich mofos.

P.S. And if you say “it’s not whaling, I just want to get $20 worth”. Nope. The moment $20 is worth, everyone will be suddenly boosted higher and you’ll need more and more gold to keep up. Then it’s not worth anymore. Nothing will change apart from making f2p lives worse.

Buy Ark Pass or limited per account skins if you want worth.

P.P.S. RMT will always be cheaper. Cheating almost always is. All RMT needs is serious bans.

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Yeah i agree its a joke. Shouldn’t exist at all.

How to save 50$+

The gold exchange is 100% based on what people are offering for crystals. Smile gate isn’t just making the gold appear out of thin air for your $. You are basically giving crystals to another player for their gold and if players don’t want to part with their gold you have to give them a cheaper price for it.

You aren’t supposed to buy gold to progress in this game. The game isn’t designed with that in mind.

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Well, in a certain sense it is. To milk the giga whales and krakens who wouldnt care to get 1 gold for 1 dollar.

If they made the exchange rate of RC to BC better rather than 100 = 238 it would mean that the value was better which would then de-incentivize RMT. When you can buy 23k gold for £21.24 it’s an open invitation to take the risk

Weapon is like 700g

I’m sure I’m not the only one, but i know 3 friends even 1 IRL friend that played this game who RMT…1 only got a suspension…the other 2…nothing… they still play, than got bored. talked and laugh about it saying how they got away with it and laughing at me, and others who spent money in the shop instead.

i do agree they should adjust more in the shop it is kind of a rip…but thats just me…id be more incline to spend more if the value was more in line. i find myself holding off spending on shop now with these cuts ~

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AGS could review the prices in general and could apply regional prices that would be the death kneel to RMT

We really need better gold ratio. Someone play 18 hours a day and someone have work and can swipe so they can be on same level. But the current ratio is insane.

That’s what it’s supposed to be like. It’s supposed to be very inefficient to swipe credit card, which makes it so that people who just play a lot won’t fall behind people that just pay. Only super whales will get far ahead by swiping.

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