In Game Event Level Locked( Tier 1 PvP)

Whoever thought it was a good idea to level lock the PvP event behind levels is a genius. /s
Imagine if they made an in game event and said " Hey its only in Argos ". This is the exact same thing. Im not grinding through 17 more tiers of pvp levels to take part in your in game event.

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There’s a PvP event right now?

Yeah and you cant take part unless you’re Tier 1 in pvp,which is a massive grind.

ahhh yes 40 pvp matches isnt a hard amount to do at all. Thats ridiculous

u literally had ages to get tier 1 before it tho

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and they also havent in game level locked an event vendor like this in game. it completely locks you out of the event vendor.

oh no, playing the game.


Not oh no playing the game. Some of us like to pvp in bits at time while we do other stuff. Now I have to grind for like 40 hours if I wanna get this stuff from the venor.

Im tier 3 and 1345 I have played the game.

Looks like it’s time to start grinding. Nothing is gonna change from this post as the requirements for the vendor was already announced previously.


No im not grinding it. Have fun with your arbitrary level gating.

i have only done pvp for the weekly quest and im grade 4 already close to 1 so its really not a grind to get to 1 now if someone kept up

Ok cool so now lets make the Grand Prix require 50 wins and the Blood Stone require 70 guild missions. Its the exact same thing.

40 hours? do you think a game lasts an hour? 1 PVP match is like 3 minutes. u don’t have to rush it just queue a few times while doing side stuff and ull be there in no time.

in the end it is what it is you either accept it and start now or put it away never do it again… ooor put it away and regret it later when you’re more calm. i say just relax its a game and doesnt matter if you didnt get to tier 1 and exchange few mats this week just play few matches a day and when you get it you get it

You cant exchange any mats, which is literally the root of the problem.

I pvp quite a lot but getting rank 1 was easy. I Remeber I got Rank 1 on my 4th day when I was only pvping an hour or 2 a day.

Lots of new people should be just getting into it now so go for it. I mean you will be pvping longer than what it takes to get rank 1 if you want enough coins to get the honing stuff

tbh it realllly doesn’t make much of a difference. I’m 1385 today f2p(kinda only bought founder) and i got to 1370 last week, got all my leapstones from una and mari(gold to crystal) and only bought red/blue crytals with what gold i make f2p. Now we can get so much more mats and even books that make the honing so much easier! not exchanging few mats from pvp vendor won’t really hinder your experience

Where is the event dump of materials? I feel like I missed this free honing stuff everyone is talking about

increase in mats from grand prix, addes honing books, new guardian event with exchange for more mats, pvp exchange