In-game font is hard to read

In-game, such as players/npcs’ names, titles. Chat bubbles. System messages. Tooltips. And the quest tracker.

Maybe it depends on everyone’s monitor and resolution, so maybe for some people it looks fine, but for me its incredibly hard to read, and appears to be very low res.

I was watching Sywo’s podcast and this subject came up briefly but I don’t think it was clarified well. It’s not just a matter of liking or not liking the font and wanting it changed, but that it looks horrible and very difficult to read.

All the text during cutscenes don’t have this issue.


I agree with you. Same thing happened to me. I couldn’t read well. I hope they fix it.


I also had issues when trying to read certain text in the game. To me, the text appears to be very slightly blurry and extremely unpleasant to look at. In addition, I believe that font style used during the beta is not as good as the one from other versions of the game, such as Korea and Russia. Glad to hear people speaking up regarding this issue.

My screenshot is from the Russian client, so its an issue in both, at least with the english translation. Maybe russian text is fine.

Russian text with english patch looks perfect. AGS used a horrendous serif font for titles, item descriptions, quests and so on.

I dont see any difference

Agree its hard to read even at 110% of hud.

Wanting to Bump this topic as this is still and issue give us the option to mod it or something even reading players names or guild is hard to the point I have turned them off as I can’t even read them.