In game message for tripod update

Hey, id like to recommend an ingame pop up be repeated until the tripod update starting now reminding 70% of the playerbase that doesnt go on reddit or the official forums that theyll lose the tripods on their gear unless it is saved in their inventory library.

I dont think waiting for the patchnotes to announce this 24 hours before the update will be fair for our casual player friends that arent forum goers :slight_smile:

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70% you say hmmmmm is that just bots or you mixing some real players in ?

In game messages would have to be developed by GS. AGS mentioned that it’s not possible for them to do this since they have no devs working on the game.

that’s not true. We have in game messages when a critical maintenance happens (its highlighted in blue on the bottom left of the screen, below the chat box).

I know. That’s useless though as a ton of people wont notice that. What we need is a proper popup when you get into the game.

that still wont help because people will still complain. The people who will have issue is probably the people who are on a break. So getting on the game and seeing a huge message pop up is irrelevant.

The issue will arise from players who havent played the game in a while.

top left

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The question is, why saving only in Tripod Inventory? The equipped gears should be saving, too and that would help to prevent frustation of many players who never visits the forum or reddit.

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the removal of gear tripods is just bad. If someone took a break they should not come back to 0 tripods.

Is it so hard for the devs to code a simple thing as:

If empty library slot of tripod inventory
Then copy currently equipped gear to slot

And run this code for all empty slots during the tripod maintenance?

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So you think developers did not think of this?
It is just the bugs that this causes are probably too much and it is not worth the work if you can easily do it from library. They set the rules.

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