In-Game moderation for bot issue

Is there any current in-game moderation active? I suggest this be implemented if not, you could even open applications to players and/or make a moderation team from players with options to just mute the gold selling bots from the chats. It’s no longer possible to stand anywhere and talk to other players without ending up with 15 gold messages clearing your entire message box. I have tried reporting and blocking all said bots and now there is a limit on who I can block. I know the team is working on this and I appreciate all the hard work that is being put in, however there is hundreds of players that would volunteer time to help get rid of these bots as well. I cannot apply for amazon games to be able to help, I’ve checked every possible thing I could find, otherwise I would at this point! But if there is an option to apply for the moderation team (without needing to live near amazon games) I’d love to know, as I have experience with this, I would apply in a heartbeat to help.

So please take into consideration some of the suggestions players have, as well as maybe implementing a team to catch them quicker in game, because players are tired of just pressing report but still having 20 bots standing in every location teleporting and flying all over the place. Maybe raise the block limit to be higher as well, because I have only ever blocked bots and I’m at the limit ): I hope to have these awful botters gone soon, but just keep in mind that the players are willing to help, I’ve seen so many amazing suggestions, I hope the team sees them and can maybe try some of them too.

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this is really a problem - King Thirian is sourrounded only by bots… EVERY Channel - all with random Letter Usernames. Amazon NEEDS to fix this!

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They are all over the starting areas.

My alt is currently at the monastery and I think i’ve seen two real people along the way.

yea its the worst, I am currently taking the game slow and am level 46 and I never ever get a break from the bots and the spam. They are everywhere and always teleporting and killing the bosses I need (the story ones) they are driving me insane!! I wish there were more real people around instead of 20 people named ghfjeoirubh and erghrwehbfvj :sob:

Yea, I feel like if we had an in game moderation in place other than the reports, it would be so easy to ban hundreds an hour just by looking at poor thirain, hes always surrounded lmao

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always having the exact same outfits too :sob: this is the funniest screenshot i’ve managed to get of it

then i would recommend looking at this
Here they are at wavestrand port

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I created and new character and see a lot of players running like Sonic and all doing the same thing. Probably this people is making the market prices shoot up. Sincerely I think if this dont get patched will ruin the game.

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I have been considering writing about the possibility of becoming a GM with a focus on illegal shoes for some time. I have alot of experience. We own 1 server on which we run several MMO games. Unfortunately I have bad English (I have to use a translator). It would be enough to be able to throw players using illegal programs out of the game (1 or 2 hours). Maybe the possibility of a muted chat for an hour or two for spammers.

I know Roxx did an arbitrary calculation early on:

So having full time GMs in all areas might not be feasible, But, maybe partial live presentation or mechanism to just stop them at Prideholme where all these bots have to start might make some difference?