In-game outfit changes

There’s a lot of concern about outfits being censored right now and while we didn’t get any details, the dev team has reiterated this message several times:

  • Our answer to this question has not changed at any point in time. We are not removing any outfits, and only adding new ones. Racy outfits are no longer front and center in places like marketing or character creation. The game is still as violent and sexy as it ever was.

Some seem to be satisfied with this answer but a lot of people don’t seem to believe it, me included. While I don’t like them rearranging outfits for no good reason, especially since some don’t even fit the class theme, eg. martial artist, I can live with it if everything indeed still be obtained in-game.

If what was said earlier is true, then please release an official note of some kind showing what outfits exactly have been changed, what outfit they have been replaced with and where exactly we can obtain the original. I’m sure something like that would ease most players concerns and it would greatly help players wanting to obtain those outfits.


Why don’t you believe it, I’m genuinely curious?

Because this was whole thing was already brought up way before the beta.
They know a part of the playerbase cares about this. They could have posted screenshots or anything really as reassurance a long time ago but they didn’t. They just repeat the same vague statement.