In-game purchase limit is NOT a good policy

I have been experiencing daily royal crystal purchase issue since the new update (when the in-game purchase limit policy is introduced). Amazon customer support suggests, players are facing various in-game purchase limits on a daily basis. For me, it was 36,000 royal crystals per day. The incentive behind the policy is to tackle fraudulent purchases, illegal in-game trades, or bots. For many players including myself, we did not purchase in-game items, then refund them illegally, so we are not involved in any fraudulent activities. It is not fair to limit our spending, this does not help address fraudulent activities or illegal trades or bots. Also, it is not fair to give players different levels of daily in-game purchase limit. Amazon should make their policy on daily in-game purchase limit transparent first and listen to how players feel about such policy in addressing fraudulent purchases, illegal trades or bots. In my opinion, the best way to fight bots is via the anti-cheat programme, not through a daily purchase limit.

If anyone is experiencing similar issues, please leave a comment below, state your daily purchase limit and your opinions please.

I haven’t spent more than 100usd a day, but i think AGS does this to prevent rage honing and people charging back purchases.

I agree the policy will give time for amazon to track people charging back purchases and ban them. But, legal players should not be limited. I believe rage honing is a personal choice? Why should Amazon limit people’s freedom? For me, I need to push my alts to T3 for the contents of my stream, I am unable to stream well with one Argo run per week. I also do not see how my purchases can harm others.

Most importantly, amazon should make their daily purchase policy transparent, instead of telling us the limit varies for different players. Some of my friends can only purchase once per day, others can purchase 10 times per day without a problem.

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I had purchase failed notice for 7 days. And I cannot buy anything from the store or Mari’s shop. If you start to do adventure tome, you will know that how many stuff I missed during this time period (especiallly legendary gift for Azena’s, Nia’s rapport. guild banner, una’s tasks complete ticket). Amazon’s game support is just so unprofessional. All they told me was wait until the dev release a patch to fix the problem, this is a known problem. When I ask when will the problem be solved, they start to become impatient and just kept telling me the dev was working on it and did not let me know when they would fix it.

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And most ironic thing is that each time I asked their representatives, they gave me different answers. Most interesting thing is that they told me we do not have purchase limit on a daily or weekly basis, but we do have purchase limit on total royal crystal purchase. FYI, I once purchased four 99.99 bundles, four 49.99 bundles, four 19.99 and four 9.99 bundles in one day and I did not reach the limit. So i believe daily purchase limit is just an excuse.

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True, although we have crazy players who spend so much money at once, convert it to gold, then sell it to others and charge back saying some bs reason which cards like American express don’t mind and believe.

Thats why usually u can’t do more than 1000 usd per day. Also, I know it’s frustrating that they don’t reveal the exact number, i think they do this because people might take advantage of this.

You might be a legit player, but how can you tell a player is legit even before they buy? Maybe it’s a trust system where after a few days of purchases they will give a higher limit ig.

Although this is all just speculation, i surely think they do this to prevent people from buying and reselling before charging back.

I agree, so in my opinion, they should set up a credibility system: players with good credibility should experience no limit on purchasing. Right now, the policy in place is lazy, it might be working in reducing fraudulent transactions, but it is also reducing their profitability and harming the experience of customers. I mean people can spend more daily on clash of clans compared to lost ark, then lost ark must be doing something wrong.

Hello @Jasowo @awak3n @kokososo
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I’m sorry to hear about this experience with the purchasing limit, we understand that this is not preferred experience while playing.

Today i was checking similar cases on this so i wanted to give more information in case if this was not resolved, and also i really apologize for the late response.

This daily spending limit is an anti-fraud measure. We do work with Steam on navigating these challenges. Appreciate the feedback on how it is impacting our players.

Also i checked the limit for the Steam Limitations on here if you have more questions on what the requirements.

Wwe appreciate your understanding on this.
Have a nice week!

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Hi Eulah,

May I politely ask you, will Amazon consider increasing the spending limit for players with decent credibility records?

Thank you for answering!

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Hi @Jasowo

Right now we were not informed that will be planned.

On this situation i will recommend you to please submit your feedback on the link below so this can be reviewed and worked by our Specialized team.

Thank you very much to bring this topic on the Forum.

Have an excellent week.