In-Game Purchases and reclaim question

Hello, i read here In-Game Purchases - Support | Amazon Games
Ingame purchases are non refundable. This is specified as “using real world currency from your Steam Wallet”. My question: your policy or stance if you missclick and spend currency like adventurers seals in the stronghold (not real money)
To clarify Mart recently got legendary judgment rune in her inventory without any mention in the patch notes because it was supposed to be there with the release of south vern but was not. Judgment rune is also aquired from having masterpieces collection up to 44.
As seen here i mistakenly aquired another legendary judgment rune for 27.000 adventurers seals, confusing it with conviction which was the rune originally at Mart, the stronghold vendor. When talking to live chat im not sure my request was confused as a purchase for real money and was told i was forwarded to the tech team, but i can not query or know if my case is marked as resolved or not, hance my question regarding if the same policy is applicable here i.e an example like this.


I’m really sorry to hear that you purchase something by mistake. Unfortunately, in-game purchases are not refundable, no matter if you use real money or in-game currency.

I apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for the understanding.

I understand, thank you for clarifying.