In-game resource farm

Weeks ago you made a post about the benefits of having alts, the biggest problem is that many players are still waiting for the classes they want to play to be released, this makes these players fall behind in the evolution of their character for not being able to farm rucursos , this strategy of releasing a class every 2 months will make you lose more players than you win.
class launch is not content.

Correct and the way to keep people playing is to give us content! we have enough characters to choose from at this moment!

Thanks for your feedback, we will now ignore it

Is this bait or serious?

People are waiting to switch their main character, they are not waiting for class release to make another lopang alt

And if you want to farm the most resources, you want to play many characters and not just 1~2

6 is optimal to cap the weekly gold

and up to 18 characters if you want materials, depending on your time and money

You could be playing 13 characters now, gathering resources and keeping 5 slots for Scouter(Machinist), Reaper, Summoner, Artist and Aeromancer (after that, the character limit should be 24 anyway)

And as soon as these classes release, you can instantly push them to legion raid item level with the resources you gathered with the other chars

As F2P you can still have up to 6 chars, let’s say you keep 2 slots for future chars and then play 4 to get resources