In - game silver and crystalline aura problem

Hey there , i logged in after about 15 hours to play only to find that my in-game silver is gone and the crystalline aura isnt working on my characters
Also Lost ark market doesnt seem to open either
Region : Eu Central
Server : Thirain
Char : Sunwuy
pls Help

Hi @A.sephiroth_A and welcome to our community :dragon:

I’m so sorry that you are having this issues with the Crystalline Aura and the shop, this sounds very frustrating and we want you to experience the game at its fullest.

We are currently aware of the issues and are working as quick as we can to solve them in a future patch, please check the following link for more information on this issue:

Thanks do much for your patience! :man_mage:

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Thanks , But please tell me that includes the missing in Game silver , im practically paralyzed …
im pretty sure i didnt make a mistake purchase or anything with my silver