In-game store malfunctioning causes money lost

When trying to purchase something from the shop many people get error message saying that the shop is not responding and to try again later. So most people (me included) thinks that transaction was not successful and they need to try again. So we try :stuck_out_tongue: and then after like 4h I get the product + 5 messages that I don’t have enough funds - which i luckily don’t have - that indicate that the game is trying to charge me for all of those buying attempts.

There are many people on this forum saying that they were charged many times and received 5 copies of the same item due to this issue.

Now I can’t buy any crystals because I’m scared that the failed transactions will come back.

Please look at it! It’s a serious issue =_=

And please check my account and clean the purchases log so I won’t be charged for this one mount 5 fimes after buying more crystals…


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Please report this and file a ticket with support – Lost Ark - Support | Amazon Games

Thanks for the response, I’ve submitted the ticket.