In game store players, do you feel scammed of your 💸?

The playercounts above 600k, SGR telling the Korean people they’re the most popular MMO. The tolerance of over half a million bots? The terms of service which isn’t enforced? Sure, bots keep gold in the economy, but they also hurt “legitimate” customers. I quit the game some time ago but I never stopped checking the price of Crystal exchange and after market gold. For the first time since shortly after launch aftermarket gold is approaching sub-dollar levels for 1k.

meanwhile customers unaware are being gouged by AG/SG in the game store because RMT go unpunished. They face no consequences. We all know this, and if they do it’s a tiny temporary ban AT MOST.

This means that for store items, as of typing, on my cluster you are paying at times up to 70% more for RMTs by using the legitimate store. This doesn’t sit right with me. It’s misleading customers. The illusion of success is more important than consumers? I feel like legitimate buyers are being scammed. What are your thoughts?

They’re barely trying to hide it anymore 700,000 people playing with, by some simple callbacks to banwaves and restarts means a playercount of around 200,000 or less actual players. At this rate with AGS staying tight lipped, and SGR outright bragging–this is in entering lawsuit territory quite quickly. A deception claim should be filed in court with how much money is involved in this.


Game was expected to have 100 - 150k players. I’m fine if the count is around 200k.

For RMT… they only exist because there’s a market for it. Stop buying from RMT and they will go away.


Even taking 350k bots out, you still have 250k concurrent players. This is about 5 times higher than WoW currently if you take TBC classic and Retail and put them together they are about 50k concurrent.

On steam even if you take away these 350k players, they really are the most popular MMO on steam by a mile. What’s #2? SWTOR at 8k concurrent?

You are naive to assume that WoW doesn’t have several tools and trackers that clearly produce this data on a by-minute basis.

You data on WoW is completely unreproveable and falsified. I don’t even play either and I’m not trying to stan any MMO right now.


We should work on a Class Action Deception Claim. inb4 close/delete. At least be wary of your rights as a consumer and the power of the entity you consume from.


Yep but as long as RMT gives you so much more bang for your buck and is not really detected/punished this will never go away.

  1. You can’t completely do away with aftermarket RMT
  2. I don’t even play I was starting to feel cucked by the devs, what are you talking about?


Good luck going against Amazon lawyers with your armchair lawyering. :clown_face:

Do I feel guilty that I’m not tax evading or selling drugs to make a lot of money? No. I got something called morals and I like to follow the rules. Just because Bob cheats on his Exam doesn’t give me justification to cheat on my exam.


In an ideal world we could find a lawyer to go against Amazon or at least SGR, in my little alternate universe where consumer rights exist against the largest corporation in the world. If you explain this situation to an outsider they will call it what it is, consumer fraud.

Well, it sucks we don’t live in an ideal world. Also, until you get a law degree all what you say is silly most of the time. There are a lot of small little crap in the law that mostly those that practice the law would be knowledgeable about would know. Just because you know the definition of something doesn’t mean it is true in an actual scenario.

You don’t have to have a JD to understand you’re being fucked if you use the game store.

You’re fucked if you buy X drug at an official pharmacy as opposed to purchasing it illegally. Doesn’t mean that you should buy a drug at a dealer.

You’ve got your prices and laws backwards. The state will get you powerful pharmaceutical grade narcotics with Medicaid for free ninety-nine. Also this is whataboutism and I shouldn’t even respond to it.

and being fucked is just part of the game everyone plays, so who cares?

The game fucks you, so you fuck them with the cheaper and better service that is fucking the game.

All this righteousness is such a moot point. If you feel like you want to pay full prices then buy from the places you have confidence in, else other people are going to buy from cheaper places and this is exactly how it works here and irl.

So keep your hands covering your eyes, this post isn’t for you.

the person with his eyes covered telling other people to just keep spending at one place at whatever prices/services is telling other people to keep their eyes cover


If you live in the US you would know the price of things. Even with insurance at times shady dealers will be able to sell you drugs for cheaper. As a person who has friends in pharmaceuticals I would know. Also, not everyone has Medicaid. Either way, RMT is illegal and against the rules.

Just because someone is selling a product cheaper to where you have to go through some back illegal channels instead of official channels does not mean it is right to buy it from the back channels. Nothing is misleading regarding official prices. You get a risk of ban for RMT as opposed to purchasing it legally.

its not enought just if the rmtler stop buying and the bots gets away we want the player who abused this punished !

I’d offer a refute or addition to this but it legitimately makes no grammatical sense. Also, I do live in the USA.

spendin way 2 much of yo time drankin the koolaid i see