In game store players, do you feel scammed of your 💸?

Money no, time yes

What makes you feel scammed out of your time? I just want some elaboration because this is the exact same reason I quit. <3

The amount of time you need to put in to access the last content is disproportionate to the amount of fun you can get out of the game. And I’d have to do it on unwanted classes because the one I want is not available. It would still be too much even if I was playing what I wanted but at least I’d be having more fun doing it.

Have you ever seen any activity in the world, that had big economic incentives, not to be abused or taken advantage of?

If something can be used to gain a financial advantage, people will do it, until they literally cant. It does not matter if its legal or illegal, you need to destroy the market or forcefully stop people.

And that my friend, is easier said than done, even in a videogame.

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yup… car thieves only exist because you buy cars. Dont take actions over car thieves, just stop buying cars.

Boy, bots need to be removed and RMT players get more drastic bans and not only a 3 day ban just like several players I get in my Guild doing it before I kick that RMT trash players.

This is how it’s supposed to be.
But also don’t complain if Bob is making 20x your money lateron while chilling in Dubai with his golddigger model while you’re working your 9-5,

And I thought EA was bad…

EA is… what are you talk about lol

Buying rmt from the game vs botters is the same. It shouldn’t have been in the game to begin with. You can’t create a problem so you can still a solution to it and then get mad others are selling the solution cheaper than you.

You know why people do rmt? Cuz its 100x cheaper then buying from store
1$ =1000k gold from third party sites
And 10$ for 2k gold with rate 200 royal crystals per 750 gold
Also rmt players buy gold using auction house, so its untrackable
Cant prove if its rmt or not
Mby i put t3 lvl 4 gem for 20000k on auction of hope that mby some weird people will buy or gold seller will mess up and buys wrong one
I put value over my items so its untrackable