In regards of the new features in Roadmap

First of all, thank you for releasing the Roadmap finally after all the wait!

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox

Could you please provide more clarity as to how will the new Feiton Powerpass will function on NA/EU?

*On KR, every free Powerpass can be used within the account without limitation in any server. Even on a server as a new character.

*On RU, every free Powerpass can be used only in a server with one character that has manually completed that content, in this case Feiton.

And one last question, is gold transferring WITHIN the same account, but different servers allowed and not against TOS in NA/EU? i.e. In the same account, having characters in more than one server, and via Auction House, transfer gold to other server paying the AH fee.

*On KR, it is allowed.

Wondering as if that kind of trade could be against ToS or flagged as RMT with any bot detection system.

Thanks in advance!