In regards to Drip Feeding

Oh, you waited 1-2-3 , x amount of years for lost ark to come in the west?
Oh you were soooo hyped TM by their hype TM marketing?

You thought you could play your dream game in its entirety?


You cant, and you might never will at this point.

CLASSES. are. content.
SKINS. are. content.
QOL is. content. ( check roxxes comment on it.)

Im making this thread to inform the large majority that just cannot understand why we arent getting those and keep saying " Its like AGS Doesent like money wtf! AGS so bad!"

No. AGS is way more smart and more insidious than you think.

They want your money, thats why they are releasing skins, classes and QOL like this. It doesent matter what you belive, the fact that they are slow dripping “content” like this, despite the fanbase asking nicely, begging, then screaming for it, its a clear indicator that market analysis suggests that there is way more revenue to be earned if they release skins for example in such fashion. ( Apparently riot is doing the same with Valorant.)

Who ever would prefer to buy the omen skin in a world with all 100+ skins from KR in the shop? Seriously. Think about it.
But now, youre forced to if you want to look different.

You like some more QOL? Classes? Stick with lost ark west! Consume, play more, get hyped by the marketing and drive our revenue up and well give you about 1/5 of what you asked.

So please, stop being uninformed and believe that AGS is stupid and doesent want your money.
They do, but they know they have a good product on their hands, and its far far more lucrative to milk it dry, and drip feed it, to the dismay of all the playerbase.

You dont like this? You dont agree with this?

You have 2 options.

Shut up. And play, because literally nobody cares. Nobody cares about your forums, your reddit, your twitter, money matters and thats the only thing that does. 95% of forum feedback past the 3 months(+beta) was thrown in the tr- passed along.

So play the game, but dont complain. (Unless its a bug or something.)


Do not support this kind of market practice. You are the consumer and the only way to stop this from expanding to other mainstream games ( just like it did with microtransactions, lootboxes, and now NFTS ffs.)

Is to stop. playing. Leave the game.

You dont like being treated like this? Then stop. Quit. Stop being hyped TM.
They wont give you what you want, and youre only perpetuating this further as an acceptable and lucrative market strategy.
Youre doing more harm to yourself, and the gaming playerbase at large by sticking to the game, if youre unsatisfied, but still coping, hoping, and complaining.
Your wallet and the game you choose to actually invest time in, THATS what really matters.

( Before you get triggered and lose your marbles, im not TELLING YOU to quit the game.
Im telling you most likely the truth , until SHOWN otherwise the actual revenue graphs by a CM.
Now that you know the truth, and arent miss informed into thinking that AGS is dumb, youre free to make one of the above decisions yourself.)

Another reason why i think i might be spot on? Consume this thread ASAP because its highly likely it will be taken down under 48 hours.
Freedom of speech is not allowed here if it goes against their profits/interests. ( Remember my last message in the sexy skin thread before they banned me, i said literally the same thing.)

If you want to inform yourself more on the subject, check out this vid from josh strife hayes.
Its not YET fully accurate to lost ark, BUT its quite oddly matching to new world, and gives a very strong insight of how multi million dollar companies THINK. ( start at min 3 for the explanation. )
TL:DR Quit the game, or be drip fed forever.


It’s a risky strategy if this is how they think they’re going to pull players along and make more money by slowly releasing things instead of doing better. They squandered the release hype by not releasing any skins to capitalize on the 1.3mil players at launch. They have all the data. Maybe Omen skin sold well in other areas, I have only seen 1 or 2 players wearing it.
I don’t think anything they are doing can be contributed to malice, it appears more to be inexperience. Veteran gamers know what a well monetized game looks like & we know Lost Ark isn’t it. It feels more that they are floundering than deliberately stringing players along.


until they stop absolutely butchering content and striping it to its very core to add that said conent a month later my wallet remains closed out of principle. I love the gameplay but im not an idiot, im not going to jjump straight on the one skin they release out of fear of looking the same as everyone else.

Money talks and lack of it as income WILL promote a change in stratergy.

As for omen skin i dislike it, i bought it with gold and only for the RP stats.


I respect your opinion but i have to disagree.

If you are inexperienced , and your game is dying, ( new world+ how many people we lost since launch) and your whole playerbase is telling and screaming at you for months on end ( Do x to save it, Do x to make it better)

Why do you deliberately chose not to do it? Why would you let your product die, instead of adressing the issues, especially if you dont know what to do. The solution is literally being shoved to your face on a silver plate.

Yet you ignore, delete threads, delay, move excruciatingly slow towards achieving those things players ask for, at the demise of the playerbase.
Why would any company do such a thing?

Unless… it is profitable?

Look at NC soft, look at gamigo. Look at gameforge.

You think they care that their playerbases are dwindling? If they can push out gatcha 300 dollars packs with skins and upgrade materials?

Theres a video of josh strife hayes, detailing how a game company can have much higher revenue in the short term 1-5 years rather than in the long term 3+ years
If they deploy anti consumer practices like lootboxes, content locking, microtransactions, drip feeding etc. If they MILK the players.

How many mmos have opted for the long term strategy? Final fantasy.

How many have NOT? all of the others.

Im going to search for the vid and attach it so more people can educate themselves on the matter.

Point is i think youre giving them the benefit of the doubt for no reason, while their behavior shows otherwise.


tldr : OP had a revelation, private companies want our money.

Favorite part :

You like some more QOL? Classes? Stick with lost ark west! Consume, play more, get hyped by the marketing and drive our revenue up and well give you about 1/5 of what you asked.




Dang I tried to say the same thing in another thread, but you really worded things better than I could OP. The more I think about it there’s just no reason AGS would ignore player feedback unless there was more money involved in ignoring us…so that pretty much sealed the deal on me quitting lol

I’ve had enough of blizz/activision hype fails over the years, I don’t need it from another company :upside_down_face:


It’s quite obvious that this would be the case when the game is a f2p KMMO.

I mean, it’s quite literally the elephant in the room that Smile Gate + Amazon have been drip feeding/delaying progression in order to maximize profits based on their analytics.

I don’t really see how the shills or white knights can defend these points.


Probably because they are un-informed, and most of them are casual 9-5 andy dads.
“Uhhh complaining bout game will kill game, i must complain about complainers and troll them! That way i will save the game i liek!
No complaints= Helthy gaem”

Now maybe more people can understand what is clear.

(Granted some of them are just trolls that you cant help. Not giving names but… @Nad )

Complaining is content.


I mean I really didn’t know bru…
I thought I was playing for charity, but you clearly opened my mind.
In 2022, a video game publisher making a business plan and trying to create a certain sustainability regarding its player base by releasing the content little by little?

What about Blizzard? you’re telling me it’s the same? classic content was released little by little to keep us subscribing? YOU CAN’T BE SERIOUS!!!

Man I’m speechless, I need to rest, please keep up the fight, you’re our man.


Wheres the clown award when you need it.
You think everyone knows that?

Why then are threads after threads after threads of people still complaining about the status quo, after each “mistake” they do?

Because they know that?

If people knew this simple truth they would outright quit, and the remaining playerbase would be aware thats how companies act, and theres no point in getting riled about it, as they wont listen.

Where have you been over the last 20 years?


You would be surprised how much certain people in the free 2 play genres are willing to stick with a treadmill, just to get content fed at a laughable pace.

It is a general cultural difference, since western gamers are used to premium game models, where you pay a set price, and get a game to play how you like.

In Korea, though, those free 2 play schemes are accepted as a wide standard, plus predatory monetization and Casino mechanics.

It was clear in the beginning already how this would go down the road, but some people are still in the process of realizing how a game like this truly operates.

In South Korea, I would guess…

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Because MMOs have almost no future anymore.

They are a niche genre now, and for good reasons!

The chance of releasing a MMO that will last for years and years with huge amounts of players is barely existing at this point.

They are the games that want you to play them exclusively and for thousands of hours, while putting up with some of the most mundane and repetitive grinds (for miniscule gains) that does exist in the gaming world.

The only way to properly make money from them is getting the vulnerable crowd tricked into heavy addiction, and weed out the whales being whiling to drop their entire paychecks every month into the game.

This is the sad and grim reality of the MMO/F2P genre at this point!

They have no dignity because they can’t even afford it in the first place. Especially South Korean Developers are well known for that!

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The drip feeding strategy only works if you know your customer base is willing to put with it no matter what. We’ll see how it goes but I think they are miscalculating the player base for this game here in the west. We’re not South Korea and I have a feeing if this continues that it is going to backfire on them because more people will simply move on if they feel they’re being taken for a ride and figuratively being kicked in the junk rather than sit there and say “yes sir, may I have another?”


They sadly know what they do. It is basically the same as with BDO!

They only need to keep the heavy-spenders around.

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But how many players does bdo have 20k 30k ? i dont think that will be enough for them

I don’t know if it will be enough for them, but that is what we can expect for LA in the future.