In regards to pvp toxicity

Please understand that many people that do pvp, are competators. They play to win.
Here is the situation we have - people that refuse to try to fight near crystals, refuse to fight for crystals, never move to heal and are always free points in every way they can be. This last match was a good match for coop.
The match before… to explain.
At the start of match, five people were at bottom… and only me on top… I told my two groupmates… their team was up top.
So I fought, what ended up being a 1v4 up top fighting at the crystal until I died (which took about 15 seconds) to buy my lost team at the bottom in their 5v2 time enough to get crystal and maybe two kills.
What actually happened, is all five of my groupmates chased one enemy to their spawn… 3 of them died there to the guardian… 1 enemy had circled around and got crystal, and then the other two were slaughtered, ANd the enemy team got b in a lopsided fight with me 1v6 trying to hold the crystal.
Enemy team got every point on the map.
People speak of toxicity in matches because people like me will sit there and tell them not to get lost at the start of the match… to fight for crystals… to get crystals… to use their mouse to get to crystals.
But no… these people… those five are absolute nightmares to have in pvp, and THEY ARE the toxic ones. They are the ones abusing a competative match and not even trying to win or be a part of it.
I should never, ever have had to do what should have been done by the company… make certain competative matches ARE competative.
It is one thing to get to know a class in pvp… it is entirely different to not try to play pvp.
There are so many people that are so bad at life that they literally try to fight a 1v4 in their favor far away froma crystal, while the enemy team gets every objective and wins the match… to get zoned out and lose because of one person.
What I request… is that for anyone to ever enter a coop match, they have to take a tutorial on how to play it because too many people CANNOT figure out what they are doing… even when there is only one objective on the map as there was last week… or know what a respawn timer is on a crystal and how to move to it.
Also, to be given a means to report people for refusing to participate in a pvp match, as a means to get you guys to do your jobs, instead of us having to call them out for it, hoping that they will start trying to play out of embarrassment, and we getting in trouble for it.

This post should be in General discussion not Game Feedback.

But anyway from what I understand from your post is just “New players in PvP are getting matched with experienced players and created an unbalanced match”

This is a problem of Lost Ark still not having a proper PVP Ranked matchmaking. Right now you can get matched with Tier 1 player while still being a Grade 20 player. And you can’t lose Grade/Tier either so you would end up as Tier 1 even with 0% win rate.

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…What pvp mode are you talking about? Crystals? huh?

never ran into anyone toxic in pvp move have a nice day right click ignore

all i run into are kids crying about deathblade, thats about it

except for the parts in it that are feedback your right. …

And you completely missed reading the post if that is what you take from it. Please read it.

Coop battlegrounds, to queue for it is a choice. The same with pvp but this post is about coop which I should probably include, it should have been very obvious with the whole crystals part, and zoning etc etc. My bad.

None of this was about ranked or ranked matchmaking, it is about the choice to go into a competative match and refuse to try to compete, screw others over, and then scream about them being toxic if they call you out on it.

coop battlegrounds… the only battlegrounds with crystals you need to take and fight over.