In regards to twitch drops and other one-time only rewards


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Now that it was announced we will be able to receive a copy of claimed twitch drops from CE in Eu West I am wondering if there are any plans if former CE players who switched to EU West will be able to claim the Prime Gaming bundles or claim / buy the Explorer / Vanquisher Starter Packs a second time as well in the near future?

Please do not mistake my post for a cheapskate post asking for more presents.
As I said - I would buy the Explorer Starter Pack a second time if it wouldn’t be a one-time only purchase.

I’d just like to know because some packages included pets for example - and there is an achievement for getting 10 of them.
And well…In addition I just like to collect mounts and pets in games - achievements or not and it’s sad that the starter pack mount now sits in CE collecting dust after switching to EU West.

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Hope you are great today. Thank you for the contact about your questions and ideas. It’s really appreciated.

I’m going to move your post to Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums, so the team will be able to check it.

You can also use that section for any future feedback you want to provide.

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I guess after 16 days it’s a hard no :slight_smile:

Oh well there will be more stuff to collect.

Have fun and see you around