In which order to buy glory skin and ark pass


if I wanna have the glory skin for two characters, in which order should I buy the skin and the pass or fulfill the pass as it is only available once per roster?

Or doesnt it matter if its not the same character?

I would like to have the same skin (the black one) both for bard and shadow hunter.
I would buy the pass once and the skin once. Can I chose the same skin or not?

Thanks for your replies.


Hello @Ouvertuere, hope you’re doing well.

The rewards from the Super Premium Ark Pass are roster-bound selection chests, meaning that you will be able to choose which color you’d like for each of the pieces of the set, while the skins that are available for purchase in the store contain the whole set, as stated when you hover your mouse over them, they can be purchased only once and they will be bound to the character that bought them.

Regarding your question, the skins obtained as reward from the Super Premium Ark Pass and the skin sets purchased from the store can be acquired separately, you will not be locked out of one for obtaining the other, regardless of timing.

Hope this information answers your question, have a good day in Arkesia.

Hello @Chameliaca,

thanks for your reply! I ve already bought it and noticed myself, that I can even accomplish tasks with other characters in my roster. :slight_smile:

This seems to be different from the other ark pass in April. I remember I bought two at that time. One for my sorc and my bard. Or maybe I just bought them because of the skins. ^^