🇪🇺 [Inanna] - <Check Balance> - Level 14 - Casual

Check Balance is looking for active players to share a common space to play together and provide a safe space for players who look for an open-minded and mature community.

:hearts: 1400+ and Mains. Always contact me if you are close, we can talk about it.

:small_blue_diamond: Level 14 / Guild Shop Level 5
:small_blue_diamond: Weekly Group Abyss
:small_blue_diamond: Weekly Valtan & Argos Raid
:small_blue_diamond: Raid Siege & Match Weekly
:small_blue_diamond: Group Runs for Tickets & daily content
:small_blue_diamond: Alt Guild Level 6 / Shop Level 3

Contact me (Netjeri in-game / Discord: Neryun#6354) or apply searching for Check Balance.


Update: We are currently growing (6/30) and are looking for more people. Groups are welcomed as well

Update: We are growing to 7/30 - We love people that communicate and chat a bit. So if you feel lonely in chatless guilds, join us.

Update: Description.

Update: we are continuously growing looking still for more people.

Update: We have grown to 15/30 people and reaching soon the possibility to research the Guild Shop

Update: Guild Shop is being researched and Level 2 is within reach (417/500)

Update: Check Balance has now researched the Guild Shop (1) and has created a Discord with Level 2.

We are still looking for active players on all levels

Update: Included Discord Contact Details

Update: We have reached Level 2

Update: Updated Description

Update: We started our second research hand have 5 spots left. We are throughout the days active and have most ilvls in T1 with some already at T3. International from UK, Slovenia, Polen, Germany and Switzerland

Update: We are currently full (34/34) with researching Trade Skills. We have a active membership, though have some people that will be removed reaching 14 days inactivity which should ensure an active player base overall.

We have the majority in T2, whereas some are still leveling / T1 with a minority already being in T3. There are active groups for Abyss and Raids where people have the chance to have a safe zone to learn.

If you are interested to join you can contact me over Discord and I will put you onto a waiting list. Neryun#6354

Update: We reached Level 3 and and started researching lvl 2 Guild Shop. We are currently almost full (1 spot free) but are happy to put people onto the Waitinglist. Please contact me either ingame - Netjeri - or by contacting me over Discord Neryun#6354.

Update: We reached Guild Shop Level 2 and are closing in on Guild Level 4. We are searching for 800+ Players/small Groups to fill our inactive spots.

Update: We reached Guild Level 4 and are still further looking for new and active players.

Update: We have reached Level 5. We are still further looking for active players.

Update: Reached Level 6, lvl3 Shop researching

Update: Reached level 7, Guild Shop 3, and killed Argos P1 as a Guild

Update: We managed with two trys to kill Argos P2. Looking for more active Players.