Incoming artifact gear

How will this new set of gear work.
Can you upgrade your relic to artifact or is it a entire new set, regarding to accessories/ability stone.

Relic Gear and Weapon can be transferred to Artifact and will retain the quality.
Honing Level will be decreased, but ilvl will be increased.

Accessories/Ability Stones are entirely new drops. You’ll have to buy them to replace your relic ones.

Pretty sure the missing step is you need to upgrade to 1390 Relic before you can transfer to Artifact.
Keywords are “Pretty sure”, I only get this info from watching Saint and ATK.

as far as ive heard ability stone wise you kinda upgrade it aka its not a new drop, relic stone is kinda cap but u upgrade it somehow

Gonna be quite a while yet before artifact gear though (several months) since it comes out with bralashaza.