Incompetence on another level


No they fkn wouldnt.

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Most people play with friends. This will split groups of people up and make the game shittier for those groups on launch. It’s either play without your friends or restart all your progress on a low pop server.

If yall are used to how servers work in MMOs post launch, all the high pop servers balance out once the hype dies down and the low pop servers become dead

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You said the game is free to play, some people paid so how did that make it free?

The game isnt even playable, servers down for 6 hours and then they take them right back down… its a joke. People have a right to be angry.

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They still havent fixed all the characters on Galaturd server who lost all their main quests and can’t get them back. They say they are going to help everyone and then just sit on it and do nothing. People are wanting to get away from Galatur and go to a different server and now they can’t because their Gold or Plat Founder’s Pack is tied to that janky server.

This is so messed up.

Please check out News Post on this topics to find the steps you can take to resolve this issue.

Maybe they’ll fix the game in coming months or over the next year-or-so like CD Projekt Red did with Cyberpunk 2077. After what I’ve seen of New World and this launch though, I’m pretty sure a lot of people are going to just go and invest their time & money in something they can trust, that isn’t a train wreck.

that is the very definition of entitlement

Platinum Separators Pack. Enough said.

Totally agree. Not being able to play with friends is annoying. To the point I just feel like not playing anymore. Went and did something else. no queue on my server but friends can’t make characters on it.

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FYI for Windows 10 users, unlinking both Twitch/Amazon from Steam and then logging in and reconnecting after fixed this for me

These jerkoffs don’t know anything except deleting threads and claiming there’s some sort of solution out there that nobody has seen yet.

how blind where they, totally messed up publisher, if the devs knew, they would facepalm with shame, some one go talk to them, i dont speak korean sadly.

Right now I duno what to do. My friends are all in character creation locked server. I heard there is no server transfer. Should I just keep waiting until their server is unlocked?

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Goddamn you’re as dense as lead, huh ? It’s not “their game” and it works just fine. Calling it a trainwreck is hilarious exaggeration and shows that you got absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Ever been part of another MMO launch ? This was as smooth as it gets dude. Breathe in, breathe out, chill and most importantly think before you open your mouthhole

yes, but Blizz had a long Road to get there. I remember the wotlk release. It was nearly unplayable the first two days. Sure no Q´s or anything like that (but the login Server crashed several times) - but the server couldn´t handle the amount of players and everything just lagged and the server crushed sometimes.

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Depending on realm, I experienced 3 hour long que back a the day with crashes on top of it

Either that or all of you switch to another server.

They will reopen the character creation at some point. Depending on the server and the population it yould be today or tomorrow or next week.

I wish they learn from these mistakes at least.