Incomplete Second Founders Pack

I originally claimed the initial founders pack on my character on the Akkan server; I was able to actually claim the second founders pack on my character on Valtan, but the pack only contained the Heroic Founder title and the cat pet chest. It did not contain any of the adventurer’s ascent chests, adventurer’s equipment crate, or the apprentice tool chest.

I believe this may be the case as I never actually opened any of the chests listed above; I just put them in my roster inventory on the Akkan server as soon as Valtan opened for character creation. The chests are all still there unopened. I never opened them as I had no reason to as I abandoned the server; I didn’t think not opening them would be an issue as I had claimed my founders pack and the original post announcing the second founders pack said that was all you had to do to get the second one.

Has something like this happened to anyone else? I made a reply on the " Didn’t receive your gifted Founders Packs?" thread, but I’m wondering if I need to put in a ticket due to my scenario.

thats all u get bud. They didnt give full packs only some of the stuff from packs like skin mount title and pets thats why most of the people didnt reroll in first place. Good luck

The wrote exactly what to expect.
Its here: