Inconsistencies in Jan Update Naming Rules

These two quotes below are taken from the January update.


The following are restricted: Special characters (!@#$%, etc.), capitalized letters other than the first letter of the name (e.g., McFly, WeIrDoGuY), and spaces.


Note that spaces, numbers, and multiple capital letters cannot be used in either guild or character names.

There are 2 inconsistencies that I would like clarification on.

  1. the 1st quote says capital letters are only allowed on the first letter. The second quote says you cannot have multiple capital letters. Which is the correct rule? For a case such as “exampleName”, quote 1 rejects this while quote 2 accepts this.

  2. the 2nd quote explicitly prohibits numbers, while the 1st quote has no mention of numbers. Which is the correct rule? With how often new dev builds are coming in and how the Jan update needed to be revised, I don’t think we can safely assume that quote 1 accidentally left it out.

  3. Not an inconsistency, but would like clarification: are dashes (-) and underscores (_) allowed? Some people consider these special characters while others do not (or consider them an exception because other games make this same exception)

Edit: while I’m here, I might as well ask another question I had. Assuming we can change our character name, will the old name immediately be opened up or still have to wait for manual refresh?


1 and 2 can both be answered that both rules apply. you have to be in compliance with them both not just one rule.

3 not sure but a guess would be no.

You can read them as one. Its just an additional information to 1st quote.

Yes - And _ are special characters. Will and have been since always. Only the Alphabetical Letters from each country are allowed. We dont know about é à or sth yet.

Manual refresh. The name as soon as a character has it gets into the black list and wont be freed.

Just thinking about the naming restrictions is frustrating. There are 2 things that annoy me the most about it. Only the first letter will be capitalized and not even allowing underscore at the minimum. This is like standard in all games to allow multiple capital letters and at least an underscore.

I know a lot of people are upset that spaces are not allowed but I understand cause they may not have coded it to distinguish between

  • “/wisper John May I have it.” to the character John May


  • “/wisper John May I have it.” to the character John

Though that can be solved by using [] outside the name. Bottom line the current restrictions is gonna be hell when character names are unique for each character instead of account.

Can a dev please confirm to us what will be available besides the 26 letters of the alphabet? Will Greek letters or Roman numerals be available for example?

I’d also like to know if accents are going to be allowed (important for French names for example), like é à ù ô etc…