Inconsistencies throughout the game

Hello there ASG team!

A few months ago I played for a little while on the RU servers. I was only able to faintly understand what was being asked of me through the help of a translator patch thingy. It was a terrible experience, all in all. When I started playing the Western version I was happy to finally understand the game, its systems, and what the story characters were saying. Now that the honeymoon period is over, mostly ended by the fact that I am unable to play instanced content before 3 AM, and I still don’t know when I will be able to normally enjoy and progress through the game, I want to bring to your attention a very important aspect of the game so that you might revisit it, please.

Please review and revise the translation inconsistencies between voice lines and text lines. There are fewer inconsistencies between UI and voice/ text lines which I appreciate.

What brought me over the edge was the Yorn storyline. You guys translated that we need to find the “Ark of Arrogance”. There is no piece of the Ark in Yorn. This was such a terrible, unprofessional mishandling from your translation team. There is one thing to hear a word and read something else, and an entirely different and grave mistake to mistranslate things in such a manner that it completely modifies what the story is about.

Please offer your translation time the proper tools (+ allocated time) and decent quality assurance inspections so that the lucky players coming after us, the early adopters, can enjoy a more consistent and cringe-free experience of the game. Help them do better at their jobs.