Increase gold and cost of everything to fight rmt

Why not increase amount of gold won by legions raid etc ? i mean RMT kill the market , blue cristal is 1k for 95 . to fight RMT just increase the gold everywhere after 1415 , increase honning cost , stronghold crafting , you know if everyone get more gold from legion raid etc who will pay to get 50k gold for 50 $ if we won 150k gold on a week ? increase every cost and gold farming x2 or x3 so no one will buy more at RMT or maybe whale but whale is like 5 % of the comunauty , its only some cost to adjust and rmt will be out


I don’t see how this is a solution. Let’s just assume they would increase the gold obtained from Legion Raids x2. The prices of essentially every accessory or book would jump in price once again, because not the amount of items has not changed, but the amout of gold players have, did increase.
That would also mean the blue crystal price would go up since gold would be worth less.

The only real solution I would see here to incentive spending, meaning to increase the RC to gold exchange rate. Right now you get like 2k gold for 10$ which is ridiculous.


the ole print money to reduce inflation act


you’re forgetting that ah prices aren’t the only gold sink in the game, honing and some other things like gear crafting cost a lot of gold which would get better with more gold drops.

This is a bad example imo, because gear quality and honing are all fixed prices and heavily RNG dependent which makes it hard to acutally value it in terms of Gold buying power. While it is true that these things would become much better it is at the expense of insanely inflating gold.

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i mean for RC its x3 too :slight_smile: more gold everywhere exept for low ilvl under 1415

btw its just an cost adjustement book or stuff wont change with it , if price increase x3 and u won x3 gold what it change on x1 to x1 ?

This doesnt fix the issue

fixes bots generating gold from rapport and una

Yes that is how this works. If people get richer the prices will increase, why? Because the demand increases. You can already see this right now. Now that the game is out for a while prices are starting to rise, because we got more gold sources and people got to build their roaster.

The more money you give out the less valuable it gets. I try to explain it with an example.
Lets assume you have a 10 grams of gold woth 1000 USD. Now imagine what would happen if every citizens gets 5.000$ flat every month. The price of your 10g is now worth more in $, because the $ just got inflated and is worth less.

If you’re already doing Legion raids to generate gold from multiple characters, rapport gold isn’t something you really even think about.

Also this solution the OP provides isn’t a solution but causes an even greater inflation that KR wants to remove.

Hence why 6 characters max for gold + reduction of gold from raids.

ofc the price will increase and im happy of this so gold buyer wont buy anymore gold to rmt cuz RMT cant sell they’re gold in x3 multiplier imagine who will buy 50k gold for 150 dollars if the gear u want or pheon u want cost more than 700k ? so they have to adjust theyre amount of gold to sell , and bot can only farm una task etc do u think una task will give them to much gold to do it ? im not sure they"re supply will be lower and lower in the time and no one will buy anymore they’re gold , we dont care about price on AH x3 or x5 if u won the amount of gold corespondable to this price , + it should work only for 1415 item ilvl he won’t impact new player , they"re is not a country economy that’s not bitcoin too its a game , to fight the inflation in this game u have to give more gold to player due to theyre tier of gear set , and no one will buy more gold to rmt cuz will be not worth , better to buy RC and swap it for gold

Players like you only see the benefit of gaining gold for yourself but not the bigger view.

There’s a reason why KR reduced gold + made a 6 char limit and that was to reduce the gap earned by those who played a lot with tons of characters to those casual players.

If you increase the gold even more, causal players will not be able to afford anything and have a even worse situation.

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what benefits ? if u won gold x3 but everything i buy or upgrade like honning cost x3 ? where is the benefits ? loool

it change what for casual player ? i mean x3 or x1 on everything what it change ? lol

Let me ask you this

Why do we need more gold? Do you struggle to buy items in the market? I’m making 150k or more gold a week and don’t have issues buying items.

You should be in the same situation. If you raise the gold, items go up and I’ll be making more gold to accommodate those changes.

However, the new players or casuals that play 1 hr a day… will they be able to afford? The same problem exists


You can well in KR they make 100-200K per week nolifing on 6 alts
dont worry we’ll get der
I wont I like touchn grass apparently

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i gues u didn’t understand the issue is to put rmt ou of this game , what item i can buy more if i win x3 gold but price at ah is x3 too ? tell you in exemple , item atm 100k gold , we won aprox 50k weakly what will change if i won 150k but the item cost 300k ? tell me what i win more with it haha , i guess u think i post this to win more gold but idc about gold i want rmt out , btw in KR no RMT due to number id card for every account , so they nerfed gold but not for the rmt :slight_smile:

My guy. For 10$ you get 2k gold. If you now increase the gold income everything will be much more expensive making RC even more unattractive. Also bots are already doing argos it is only a matter of time until they can to legion raids.

Again, your english is so bad you don’t understand the bigger picture

How are casuals going to afford anything when everything gets inflated 10x+ due to all alts earning 3x more when hardcore players play 6x chars.

RMT isn’t even an issue now unless you barely play. As I said, what items can’t you afford already if hardcore players are making 150-200k a week?