Increase Gold to Silver Conversion Rates

you dont get bottlenecked by silver yet at all if you are not an extremely high spender, thats the point, it slows down progress or increases the amount they have to pay for the whales to progress, not low spenders / f2p players

the worse this exchange is the better and slowing down ppl in general would have been way better, people who played somewhat from the beginning are way over 1500 right now and clown isnt even out yet

I literally just got bottlenecked this past week after selling an accessory for 100k when I was trying to get my alts from 1340 to 1370. So not true for people like me either who simply don’t enjoy chaos or cube so do very little of it.

My friends all meme with me about being broke in silver asking for “spare change” and what not even without selling accessories for a lot. It’s not just me.

Also I started playing couple weeks after launch and I’m not 1500. I’m more casual and I have work during the day so I can’t grind as much. I think you’re maybe assuming everyone grinds all day and min/maxes everything.

well then its the way i said, you are just not playing the game and therefore struggle with silver, they want silver to be almost entirely acquirable through playing, it has been like that forever in KR too

the cost for exchange is high because they dont want ppl to skip dailies

I play the game every day using all the free time I have. You have to understand that everyone plays games a different way. You can’t just generalize me to not playing when I play a ridiculous amount of lost ark. I work on alts instead of pushing to 1500. I main support so there’s no need to go past 1475 on my Bard.

I shouldn’t have to explain to you that I play a lot. Not everyone min/maxes.

all my friends have 1500 main, 2x 1475 and 3x 1445 in their roster, we all have ~60m gold or more right now which just gets more every day

you said you dont like chaos dungeon and you do very little of it, that is literally the main source of silver besides lopang and the most important daily in general (shards) so if you were to play the dailies in that way then you would never run into silver issues

grinding more per day doesnt even give you more silver really because its locked to those 2 things for the most part, the exchange is and always was whales only so reducing it would only benefit those

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Good for you guys lol. I also don’t see why whales shouldn’t benefit from this too. They’re players just like us and should be rewarded for keeping the game f2p through legit purchases and not RMT.

But at the very least having more sources of silver would be great.



and what about no. we have enough silvers. when I can have whole roster over 1460ilvl with rerolled gems, adventure tome done and rapports almost done in every continent still sitting on 30mil silver+ not even goin down anymore. and I would call that average when ppl who didnt waste them like me have around 80 mil silver now.

edit:after I saw you dont like chaos… Im wondering how you are even playing this game? where do you get mats for honing? where do you get shards? and since when its complicated to do 8 min daily activity per character? to fix all your problems?

I do chaos just not every day and not on every character. I do unas, guardians, abyss/legion raids so I have plenty of mats.

Most people I know are low on silver except for people who have lots of time and energy to do chaos on all their chars every day.

again. where do you get shards to push characters when chaos dungeons are literally best stable source? even I dont have enough shards on some 1460+ alts right now and Im pretty sure Im doing more content than you. are you swiping to buy shards in market?

I think this conversation is getting off topic lol, but I just buy shards with gold from market if I’m low, from sailing merchant, bloodstone shop, event shop, etc.

I do chaos on rested for my main chars it’s not like I completely ignore it. Sometimes I’ll do non-rested chaos too.

Anyway the point is more silver sources and gold sinks would be great.

if you are doing chaos on rested before its capped you should have enough silvers. if you need more somehow just make lopangs alts.

Well I’m not lying that I’m out of silver haha. I don’t always do my chaos when it’s at max rest bonus for my alts. Sometimes I just leave it at max cuz I have other things to do.

And I don’t want to do lopang when I could be progressing reputation instead.

Don’t you think it’d be nice if there were more ways to get silver?

events, chaos runs, dailies, weeklies, pirate coin shop, guild shop and gold transfer. I would say thats more than enough sources for 1 currency. finishing all reputations is actually fast and after that you will spam lopang on alts who are not in main roster anyway.

I just wonder why you would ever have the need for silver. My main is 1490, my 4 alts are minimum Valtan ready with decent tripods/gems and I never did a single Lopang daily after maxing the quest reputation. Yet Im still sitting on 47 million silver.

Also during the initial tripod aquisition and gem gearing I never felt like silver was a bottleneck, especially compared to gold. So I cant imagine new players struggle with that. Unless you constantly gamble level 10 gems I dont see an issue.

I’m not a new player by any means. I simply play the game differently. I don’t think analyzing my need for silver is helpful to this topic though.

Let’s change the conversation to something more productive: Are you guys against the gold to silver conversation rates being altered? And if so why?

If you make the exchange too lucrative people would just convert gold to silver, roll gamble high level gems, sell the gems and convert the earned gold to silver again leading to an endless cycle. Also if someone realy needs silver, it shouldnt be cheap. Nerfing one of the only gold sinks in the game beside the honing process itself would just further increase the economies proness to inflation, which is already a huge issue.

If anything there should be more incentives to pay the high gold cost. Stuff like silver exclusive skins, emotes etc, so people are actually willing to spend that much gold for the convertion.

I don’t think anyone converts gold to silver currently, the silver quantity it’s simply not worth it.

I don’t think that cycle would happen because it would just normalize and all gem prices would be about the same price. There would be no need for some gems to cost way more than others if it was cheap to reroll.

Silver-exclusive things sound like an interesting idea! Although I’d be against more things costing silver personally if they didn’t also increase the silver generation sources because current silver sources are just the worst type of grind for me. I’d much rather grind fun content like raids than mindless mob killing or repetitive unas which just feels like a job/chore.