Increase honning rates

have been 4 weeks, FOUR WEEKS, with 1472,50ilvl
have been this FOUR WEEKS spending all my gold and material and the gems to increase honning rates for 4 weeks and cant hit 1475 it seems cant upgrade a weapon from 18 to 19 and one gear to 19 to 20 , in 4 weeks with tons of materials and stuff to increase honning rates and gold

as you can see every gear start at 0.00% energy
my helm is at 72,51%
and my weapon is at 51,75%
btw only put material in helm and weapon, the rest is just silver in there, so you dont make more escuses, the rest of armour is on 0.00%
fix this trash honning.


So that’s one item with a base chance of 5%.
In a worst case (!) scenario that are 8320 gold straight honing costs.
468 leap stones, 20k guardian stones, 1m silver, 37k honor shards.

So you REALLY want to tell us, that you were not able to make this in ONE MONTH?

Pls go troll somewhere else…
Or let’s say: this game is not for you.

We really have bigger problems at the moment.


you cant tell me that u cant hit 1472,5 → 1475 in 4 weeks …


4 weeks of materials?

Imagine you only need one upgrade but try to hone two items at the same time.
Oh lord…

Also the artisan levels you are on are pretty normal for this lvl.

And still: if you were not able to get these ressources in ONE MONTH, then you are playing this game wrong OR have too high expectations for your amount of play time.

This has nothing to do with “swapping credit cards”.
You just have no idea.

Leaving this thread now, what a joke…


and btw you so good at math tell me how many crystals and solar gems, and gold i spend in one helm from 0% to 72,5% of honning

tell me

nah i i still have materials dont have gold.
still have tons of blue and red crystall and 12 orehas and some solar gems the 3 types. the problem isnt the materials.
for some reason 4 weeks of honning cant get 2,50 ilevel. 4 WEEKS

for one u should only be using bound solar mats if u are f2p and sell the tradable ones as whale buy them and u can make gd money to use for honing

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FOUR WEEKS of honning to not get one simple 2,50 ilevel upgrade

yes, and still have one 9999 red crystall and 4 set of 9999 blue crystals and 12 orehas, and some solar gems of the 3 types. just dont have more gold.
in one week i spend like 20k for honning.
and yet in 4 weeks cant get 2,50 ilevel upgrade to hit 1475 from 1472,50

tell me how many crystals and solar gems, and gold i spend in one helm from 0% to 72,5% of honning

idk what u on about tbh. its a chance u accepted to take when playing the game, no?

Pitying pieces is normal and happens to me every time. Don’t you have alts?


who gave u the information im whaling? maybe im f2p and still playing bc i accepted the rng factor

imagine defending this trash rng, of F O U R W E E K S of honning to not even get 2,50 ilevel upgrade.

keep that way, game will die faster than you blink.

ok have a good one. thanks for parttaking.

Wanna know a secret?

Never hone multiple gears at a time.


i didnt, just put the silver there, only hon the helm and the weapon that is 18. goodbye thks for defend this system

Did I defended the system? O maybe you wanted to see a revamp in honing which increase your chance to upgrade but destroy your gear when it fail?

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idk, without spending a single dime in the last 6 weeks, i managed to hone 3 characters from 1445 up to 1490, funneling pretty much everything from the roster into the char i was honing right now. Also from 19 up to 20 pretty much nothing went lower then 50 artisan (70 artisan was average). 4 weeks for 1 hit is pretty much… Idk, you only playing one singular character ?