Increase honning rates

Only going to get worst that’s not even the hard part.

What, bussing definitely possible in Clown.

Also, from 19 to 20 it takes 800 GHL to pity. Sure, if you’re super lazy that might be 4 weeks, but with the Event Shop it would not take very long, especially to get to 72% Artisan

That’s the guy spamming ‘nerf velganos’ topics for weeks.

Serves you well!

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Hey OP, I think you’ll be happy to hear that there is a possibility that they’ll buff honing (to help us get near 2 months behind Korea content wise, which is the goal from what I heard), but ultimately the same issue is inevitable, you’ll still hit these low hones when trying to hone for Illyakan and even lower for hard and again for Theamine.

I dont think honing should be easier honestly. Its the other part of the game thats hard other then the harder raids (clown Bel and the newest release in korea)

You are most defo doing alot of things wrong here… If honing was easier game would be even more dead. Youll get your honing buff soon enough. (-: Honing is hard at the right stages, but so fun :wink:


Afk bus for NA?

stop crying, i got my weapon 19-20 with 100% artisan energy wasting about 30-40k gold worth of mats, just play the game

never load in all the shards on all the gear, even u not honing it, once u load in the shards,. u activate the chances and it gonna disturb other gear rng chances, just focus 1 by 1 first, once success just let it be unless u want to continue on same gear

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Even in almost dead EUW region there is clown busses from week 2 post release. It’s very expensive though, price was 30K gold. And there is no afk busses for clown, some mech as you know need 4 people but it’s easy to get there. Only gate 2 can be problematic as the maze is in the middle health bar, the person can die from many patterns before that. People usually want busses for gate 3.

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Clown Bus is not fully Afk since you need customer to do Maze G2. Otherwise, you do not need them.

Oh, that s perfectly normal.

Just wait till you start honing on 3% chanches for your 1490 target.

That said, there are charts with the average needed to reach a certain level, and you re well within that range.

That said, if this is all you can farm in 4 weeks, id just give up. No way you ll have mats to upgrade past 1475 even tapping once a day.

Besides, gl with clown at perfect 1475 ilevel. That s gonna hurt.

Ye, thats pretty much a daily rate later on

I had this issue getting from 1410-1415. pitied every item. took me a good month to upgrade everything.

it’s really difficult if someone doesn’t have a lot of alts. I had like 1 at the time, and that didn’t help much at all.

Asmongold spent 400 usd to get 2.5 ilvl

The DC problem is real and effecting everyone.

This problem isn’t real and made up in your own head.

Can you see the difference?

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If you play only one char, you’re playing this game wrong.


EUW is not affected it by the dc, that’s mean not everyone but i understand your frustration.

Did you honestly take your time to tell me that 0.1% of the playerbase is not effected?

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