Increase tax, fee to 20% to solve inflation, 5% fee cant catch those bot machine printing gold

please increase fee, tax to 20% or 50%

why 20 or even 50 ? just go all the way to 95% bro


With the current rate of conversion with pheons it should be sometime close to 2000%.

I will solution this for you : “thanks for the feedback, it will be forwarded to the team”. Have a good day :rofl:


hope they can balance the speed of gold generation/consumption in every server and put a reasonable tax/fee rate

always the response and quick to ban you from the forums but don’t do sht for the game LMAOO

Thank you for your feedback we will brought this up in the next team meeting.

really? you dont see this as a good solution?

So, u sell at 10k and get 5k, really great solution, pple dont gonna sell for 20k right? what about buy a brain?

the best solution to control inflation is balancing gold generation/consumption, and tax, fee is the best tool for this.
Hope you can buy a brain soon


up again, until you see it

Pheons as a tax does jack shit because the amount of total game gold is still the same. Pheons causes low prices so the AH gold tax has too little effect on inflation.

pheons do nothing except punish casual gamer

up, anyone has 10 years+ experience in mmorpg would know this

up anyone in nursery school would recommend this.

You don’t balance gold generation by increasing taxes, you just introduce more important progression systems with gold sinks :slight_smile:

An elementary understanding of the situation, bots are a printing press and it won’t stop for a day, that’s the answer to inflation, only stopping the bots will somehow save the situation


Thank god you don’t design games for a living.

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This. And since they can’t stop the bots, they have to stop the gold income from bots

This is of course a possible measure to combat bots, but it will still hit ordinary players, a slightly different system is implemented in escape from torkov(also made to protect against rmt and bots. Also in tarkov, captcha is implemented in the auction itself, I think this would be a very good measure to protect against bots): the more expensive you put an item up for auction, the greater the commission