"Increased available character slots from 12 to 18."

Does anyone know if that means 9 & 9, or does it mean just 6 more locked out ones you have to pay for?

6 more locked that you’ll need to pay for.


So, no real increase in character slots. Got it.

Is anyone playing this many characteres?! Sounds insane… :rofl:


I am going to roll one of every single class. I just wanted to know if I need to do it across other servers now (I have 6 level 50s) or if I got 3 more before I had to switch.

many ppl think long term and are serious about the game so they tend to make “silver bots” or use alts to accelerate una task reputations.

  • Free mats

Its better if you just dont think about it. Because as soon as you start making just 1 more you make another and then another and it gets bad. Real bad. Buckle up just incase you ever get that urge LOL

I play another game with unlimited character slots and way more build options than Lost Ark.
I have 67 characters in that game (no repeats.)

Damn, here I was thinking they’d push some discount on character slot coupon to celebrate the new class release :frowning:

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I am, sort of. I have a couple of characters that I made for launch with good names but classes I’ve realized I don’t enjoy, so I’m not deleting them until I’ve transferred the names. And I’m waiting to transfer the names until new classes I want get released. I have 10 other characters that are “active”, but some of them are mainly bonus energy classes that I play just for fun when I have spare time.

Having many characters to save up rest bonus on and only play characters that give double rewards isn’t that much extra work once you have set it up. Playing 6 characters out of 12 but getting double rewards isn’t that painful. It’s a long term quality of life thing though and it’s not for everyone.

24 is my ultimate goal, but i’ll settle for 14 for now. currently running 12 adding glaivier and sharpshooter after the patch

Thank you for increasing the character slots. I play 12 characters but want to play every class.

That is an increase in character slots.

This is why people suggest character slots as the most meaningful thing you can spend real money on if you HAD to.

there are enough people who dont have real life

but you know you can utilize the rest bonus system and not play every single alt every day right ? just making sure.

the real problem isnt the char slot rather than that you dont have enough knowledge transfer to fill all slots with max chars.
who the heck wants to go throigh main story again? lol
i tried today to start a char as i used all my KT.
Didnt even reach lvl 11 before logged out and deleting the char

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