Increasingly toxic behavior in matchmaking

Am i the only one encountering daily player afking in matchmaking activities, like chaosdungeons?

First two of the day 2 player afking and if you call them out and report them they spam cry and laugh emotes and report you for flaming.

you cant warn them cause this trash system doesnt work in chaos dungeons.

this is so disgusting ags is allowing people to behave like this and doesnt do anything against it. full of toxicity, apes, and garbage in matchmaking. as an mmo this game is just about boosts and solo play well played well played. toxic behavior the way to go… feels good

bots all around, toxic player all around and ags is just afking their job aswell

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because of this most ppl do chaos solo that why only troll left , and it clear faster than queue even with sp so

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imagine matchmaking chaos dungeons lmao

they literally take longer to clear in a group than they do solo and you get nothing extra for doing it in a group


So yeah, just watch ags afkign their job, accepting toxic behavior and going for all the way solo content in an mmo … what a time to be a video game player

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Best thing to do is Report, Warn and Kick.

I was doing Guardian today on my alt, then a Zerker went afk during the fight, so we Warn and Kicked the idiot.

Chaos Dungeons are best done solo, saves you the chance of encountering some Toxic people.

you cant warn in chaosdungeons

It’s sad, but the best advice I can give is that you should only care about your own progress and what you’re doing, not compare it to others. If it grinds your gears that they’re getting things for not doing anything, while you have to work for it, you’re already losing out of principle. You should just think that you at least have 2 others grinding with you and you’re all still getting the benefits of it. I’ve never done a single chaos dungeon in a group since I play DB, Artillerist and Glaivier so I wouldn’t really know how that works anyways as it’s an easy 2 minute clear anyways

When it comes to guardian raids, players tend to AFK at the first spot waiting for someone to use flare or find the boss while being busy IRL. I sometimes do this to grab a drink or something and come back. Going AFK mid fight? They might be giving up after seeing that the group is unlikely to clear the thing. Note that; carrying anyone except your direct friends or friends’ friends is never fun for any player in the long-term. Even if a carry ends up carrying a team and they win, they’re frustrated, annoyed and sometimes even angry about it which ruins the whole gameplay experience for them. So all they can do is selfishly salvage their own experience by turning it all off or having fun at the expense of others. It sucks both ways, but it is what it is

Always solo chaos. Always.

best example would be alarics sanctuary. if people fail to do the mechanics, even if they are doing the abyss dungeon for the first time many players just wanna quit after one wipe. this is obv. annoying, especially when they’re the ones who die in the first 30 seconds and this window pops up in the middle of your screen.

i dont understand how players who are dead are able to start a vote to quit the dungeon. players just get emo very easily.


Kinda sus since they’re usually not the one’s wiping nor can you suggest quitting the dungeon in the middle of a run, only to reset it which is fair when boss isn’t even half health and one player is only remaining

However it is annoying that the dead can do this because there has been many cases where the boss has been very low and someone suggests resetting which would be unnecessary, but NOW that it popped up and completely messed up the players concentration, distracted them and blocked them visually they end up eating mechanics that ends up with them wiping. That is the real salt with this

You’re not supposed to matchmake chaos dungeons really… just solo them

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The votes are indeed annoying. They always pop up in the middle of my screen, I moved them to the side but the game does not save the position.

Can’t remember the last time i matchmake chaos dungeon.

Well my friend (pally/ilvl 1445+) carries my alts in yoho guardian raid as a dps support and i often see toxic people refuse to use potions, die to yoho and spam toxic comments on why a support is building dps and not support. After spamming toxic comments, they just afk and don’t even attack the boss anymore. Not even thankful for the free carry but being toxic af. Those people should be reported all the time.

You don’t matchmake Chaos Dungeon - that’s just unwritten rule

Well, they are stupid, they know what the general consensus is (which is sound imo) but can’t discern a 1370 pala from a 1445 in a 1370 content.
To the topic:
I watched my mate yesterday doing Argos P1 MM runs and holy shit people got entitled on how many tries this should take (1 Then 5 of 8 actually vote stop) I mean wtf? If they want to kill it first try and not “waste time” open a group or join one. Matchmaking is in my opinion to train/progress without pressure not oneshot the boss.

lo que teneis que hacer los guiris es obedecer, punto y final

chaos dungeons = solo

I can help you make a good build for chaos if you are support (bard or pally) and struggling (even for red portals). all class can do very good solo chaos dungeon effortlessly, if prepared correctly.

people dont feel motivated or afraid to be reported in chaos anymore, ags just built us like that with all thats going on