Incredibly Dissapointed by Amazon's Support Team

You do know they do not have to provide you with a reason for your ban, right?

Also, they will tell you the reason for your ban.

I am gonna go on a wild hunch and say that you broke the EULA. But you already knew that.

It’s not fair to blame amazon when you were the one in the wrong.

And they aren’t gonna randomly ban you.

Why defend them, when they themselves said that it was a false positive and it was going to be lifted?

You’ve never dealt with customer support. They say incorrect things all the time.

The guy still hadnt told us what the ban was for.
They will straight up tell you if you ask.

My guess is RMT or botting.

Hence, the reason for this post “Incredibly Dissapointed by Amazon’s Support Team
This is them with EXTRA due diligence


If you ever change your mind or want to see if you could login again, then I would recommend reaching out to the steam support folks if you haven’t already to see if they can clarify this issue on the assumption of giving AGS the benefit of the doubt that your account is actually unbanned at the current moment, but the steam platform detected your multiple attempts to login and giving you that notification pop up and hasn’t gotten the memo yet.

Afaik, steam support is fairly quite responsive and better to communicate with so I would recommend reaching out to them to see if they could potentially resolve the issue or reflect it back to the AGS/SG. Don’t forget to share the emails screenshots with them to show that it has been resolved if that would help warrant any credibility to influence them to try to do something on their side.

As for an explanation of why you were a false positive ban, due to AGS/SG temporarily increased efforts of banning bots, they released a statement saying that there will definitely be false positives in the following days and weeks while they continue to issue out this lengthy bot crackdown. So, you’ve have either been seen to many times doing activities that bots could be seen doing or been at certain hot spots that bots populated for a invisible unknown system to flag you down or you were reported x amount of times by different individuals regardless of what kind of behavior you were exhibiting as it’s a thing for some group of people to mass report an individual to get them banned.

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Thanks Phoducer. I’ve actually already tried talking to Steam support, and unfortunately they cannot do anything. When you go into the “ban section” of your steam profile they even state this up front. It’s something along the lines of “we cannot do anything about game bans levied by 3rd party game makers”.

I’ll try live chat again a little bit later today to try and convey the fact that I was supposedly already unbanned.

Best of luck. Live Support is definitely way better and could potentially lead to some positive change or hopefully to another human being that would be reasonable enough to try and help by reaching out to AGS/SG counterpart to confirm and what not.

For anyone else who may be experiencing soething similiar, I was was just told by AGS live chat that essentially “my account is ubnanned, but for some reason the unban isn’t taking”. He will attempt to escalate.


good news @Satherial i hope this get resolved quickly and i hope you come back and play the game <3

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Lets make this quick:

  • No compensation For 1 full week of Not being able to Progress through svern (this even killed some Guys Main Progress For a full week)

  • No compensation For Red Portal Bug

  • No compensation For clickbug

  • No Stronghold buff with whykiss (yes, whykiss)

U are Not the only one disappointed.

It’s a free game. U can pay for some stuff but everything u mentioned is free. So u have no right for a compensation. :man_shrugging:

Do they really tell? I would assume it at max something like “botting” or broken terms or such. Anymore than that or detailed information is a free and dangerous guide for botters and cheaters to maneuver their system.

Glad they arnt ghosting you! Hope you get to play with us soon!

I am able to log back in now. No official word on what the ban was for yet (I just randomly tested my account this afternoon and it let me log in). Also still officially banned on steam (not sure what the repurcussions of that are). They are still trying to resolve that portion.

Thanks to whomever helped push this through.

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You were emailing them on a Saturday and Sunday… you haven’t learnt yet that AGS don’t work weekends?

You expected a response during this time?

I’m glad you got there in the end, but if you haven’t realised that even CMs don’t respond on a weekend, you’re a fool.

While I’m happy to be unbanned, my post on the forums is meant to highlight the fact that Amazon needs to improve its support systems for players.

There is no way in hell that one of the richest companies in the world should be cheaping out either on the number of CS reps OR proper management/supervisors required to do the job quickly and effectively.

If you’re having a problem where you’ve erroneously banned what sounds like dozens, if not hundreds of players - you need to be on that shit STAT. You can’t have non-existant messaging, no reasoning provided, making players wait days. You tell the support team that “hey sorry, you’re going to be working the weekend” (and then apology profusely for it and make sure that they are compensated properly for putting in the extra time). It comes with the territory.

MMO’s from 15-20 years ago had much shorter turn around times for stuff like this. They just got done learning many of these same lessons launching New World, there is no excuse for it to be this bad in Lost Ark.

TL;DR: AGS - Provide your CM’s/admins/etc with the bodies/tools to do their jobs properly. It’s obvious that they are currently either muzzled to the point that they can’t tell you anything about what’s happening to your account OR they don’t have the information to begin with. Either way, not good.

I think it’s possible that really big companies would go out of their way to maintain low budgets or allocate the bare minimum of resources to hopefully get the most of their investment. Imo, they’re really frugal and stingy in this aspect.

AGS is technically a division of Amazon so based on this it could be said AGS has a limited budget/capabilities than supposedly Amazon wholehearted funding AGS to profit big or to publish LA to the best of their “capabilities”.

According to some googling, Amazon main 5 division is actually

  1. Their Retail Service
  2. Their Web Service
  3. Alexa, the voice assistant
  4. Wholefood
  5. Amazon Prime

So if AGS is a secondary division, then it’s reasonable to assume that it’s getting cheap end of things.

I think the problem is really just the business management of things on the executive level. I would like to believe the actual CMs and staff of AGS somewhat understands the general player’s pov, but at the end of the day, the boss or executive can override all the suggestions, feedbacks, professional opinions, etc and make the horrible questionable decisions that have been taken so far whether its all of the delays to honing buff delays to class release and etc.

One bad apple can spoil the bunch.

Personally, I am just very confused how it even gotten to this point when there are clearly precedents or a pave road AGS could follow and walk on to show what works and what doesn’t work, but the executives of AGS is determined to walk a road that isn’t been walked before trying to be “unique”, but really just sabotaging everything lol.

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I agree with this whole heartidly. All of the CMs I dealt with during my experience seemed consistently rushed, undertrained, or a combination of the pair. None of them were unfriendly or rude, it just felt like they had nothing they could offer me. I’ve run a Customer Care team for many years now myself, and those are typically not symptoms of poor frontline staff, but rather the folks leading them (and or the budget the team has been provided).

aww congrats on getting this resolved, am happy you’re back in the game. Now give me your stuff tee hee :3

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