Individual Statistics at the end of the fight

I think it would be beneficial for players to know how much damage they have done at the end of a raid, or dungeon. It shouldn’t be showed to the entire party, but if each player could have access to their overall damage at the end and could compare it to the MVP, it would help players to know if they have been progressing. And being able to see it, only at the end, would not create unnecessary toxicity on parties that are wiping.
I believe that the actual value of damage done by the MVP could be showed to everybody, but the individual value should be shown off only to each player separately, at the corner of the MVP screen or at a different page, so you could compare yourself, and showing your percentage as well would help you know how well you did against the rest of the group.
Players should always be looking to improve, and to be honest i think that individual informations should be given entirely to the players, knowing all of our values (stagger, weak point, counters, damage done and taken, etc…) is the only way for us to know how well our builds are actually doing, and how much of an improvement we get when we raise our honing, improve gems, change tripods or engravings, etc…