Inferno and DPS meters

There should be a zero tolerance ban for the use of DPS meters. On saintones “Hell Academy” discord I usually try to find groups to prog Vultan inferno. To my dismay every single group I partied with someone was using a parser.

They were even calling out certain classes having trash DPS. After a few pulls, these particular players go out their way to trash talk.

The level of toxity is high by the use of parsers and also gives an unfair information advantage to those who use it.

Those who cleared inferno on the first week openly admit they parse and doing inferno without it “doesn’t make sense” and you need at least one person to parse so you know where the Bosses HP is for upcoming mechanics.

@Roxx @Shadow_Fox what is the official stance? Are we allow to use it? Are we not? Because it seems like the inferno community endorses it.


Yup, and DPS meter defenders still say DPS doesn’t create toxicity.


Those people that use DPS meters to justify their toxicity were already toxic to begin with. It isn’t DPS meters that perpetuate toxicity. Meters just provide information. More information and transparency is always good.


You can always report them if they truly do have a parser lol

Hell mode isn’t the content to do with randoms. You’ll very rarely find a good group. There’s a reason why most of those people can’t find a group.

Your only option is to get into a stable group that’s missing a few members. Full random groups are usually a shitshow.

You bet I reported the toxic parsers. They even make it obvious as well.

Using a DPS meter or any third party apps/overlays that provide information not readily available in game does go against our terms of service


Is there any action being done to catch those parsing? Or is it just based on Ingame reports?

Thank you for the reply you the best

I don’t think they can ban anyone unless EAC detects third party software, which doesn’t happen often.

Not enough proof without detection.

I believe it’;s using the same tech as it does with FF 14 and WC logs which is through the combat logs so it’s a bit iffy to even detect it.

I’m sure there is a way for some sort of detection. They did a large ban wave in Korea on abusers

There not only should be zero tolerance, there is zero tolerance.
Especially if the people doing it use it to herras other people.
If you want to ruin those peoples day, so that they don’t ruin the day of others, just use the given informations (if they are stupid enough to be open about breaking ToS) and provide them to the support.

amazon employe detected

Oh they did ban alot of DPS parsers actually in korea like in KR they don’t put up with that they straight up remove your account.

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fwiw if you need a dps meter during helltan you aren’t good enough to clear it in the first place

IIRC, Lost Ark requires the interception of the packets to get the damage values. So I’m sure there are various methods that could detect the parsing software.

I believe FF14’s method doesn’t interact with the packets being sent/received, so it is undetectable (or a lot harder to detect) by Square Enix and is frowned upon but not bannable unless it becomes a harassment issue by the player(s).

It was explained in one of the numerous DPS meter posts along with a link to the github.

And Gold River told Amazon to do exactly the same, lets see if they live up that.
Gold Rivers alts also said the same xD

Toxic behavior isn’t the right answer, but I don’t believe the meter is what causes the toxicity. It only validates it. Here’s another thought: maybe if you’re not frequently MVP or cruel fighter, or even upright fighter in your hard mode runs, you shouldn’t be doing inferno. Don’t waste everyone else’s time when you can’t even pull your weight on equalized content.

Not sure how amazon does things really all I know there’s massive reports in KR of people being banned how they detect it is beyond me once more you fuck with that in KR you will be ripped apart they REALLY do not like that stuff over there in terms of strictness.

EAC has no way of detecting ACT, ACT is a packet sniffer, it reads the data sent and recieved, and organises it into parser. Godsent tool.

Edit : I do not use it, nor do i have to. People off my static post results after every run, plus thanks to it we have extensive(1500 + names as things stand) no invite list on statics discord. Helps a lot with avoiding bottom feeders in other daily/weekly content.