Inferno and DPS meters

Should be allowed and mandatory at this point, nobody wants to waste time with bad players.

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And thats why #NoMeter, cuz its already funny to see what people want for like Valtan Normal.
With a DPS Meter “LF DPS 5 Mio Hits or kick” something like this.

So no, thank you!

Bad player spotted, you are just afraid of being called out for being horrible at the game. If you would actually perform at a decent level theres no toxicity. The only people going against stuff like DPS meter are the people who would get called out instantly.

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You don’t seem to understand what I mean by that. And then draw “He minds he must be a bad player” card

I play WoW almost 15 years DPS meter can be good not gona lie.

Take a look at the group search. As an example 4x3 Valtan Normal is a joke. Adding a DPS meter to that would only make it worse.
Just wait for the Trixion update. This looks very good in Korea.

Lost Ark is not a Game to need a DPS Meter.

Then make your own group? What’s wrong with people wanting 4x3 for valtan? If i was making a weekly pug clear for valtan i would also take 4x3 over 1x3 anyday. How is DPS meter going to change any of this? What’s next? you wanna be able to hide your character profile as well, gems,engravings and gear? Just so you dont get offended.

TBF Gunlancer and support are going to be below that.

we have a build in voice chat that noone uses. I connet to every party but I´m the only one.

This is what baffles me the most.
Maybe it’s just the culture difference between genres and I haven’t played MMOs in a while.

Why not just use in-game chat instead of connecting to discord if you’re playing with randoms?
Communication is always the key and idk why literally noone uses voice in this game.

Its a cultural thing.

Many western ppl dont have a decent microphone or headset, or they simply dont want to interact with others. Or they cant speak a decent english, thats also a big problem many players dont understand the easiest commands in english, at least on European servers. There you have many players that either dont want to understand or cant understand, or dont want to talk other language then their mother tongue. Therefore I dont understand why AGS didnt put out language dedicaded servers. For many players its hard to find groups in their language.

In asian culture its to opposit. Ppl join the voice channel automatically even for chaos dungeons, at least what I experienced on korean server.

It´s literally a western culture thing.

You and Kuku have one thing in common. I’m gonna let you guess what it is.

I endorse the use of it. There is no reason to not use one. The only thing people have against it is toxicity and i can assure you there is plenty of toxicity in this game without it having one won’t change it. On the contrary i believe there would be far less toxicity.

We both take 4 men at a time? :wink:

Texhnically it doesnt create it. If someone with a dps meter is being toxic. That person was likely toxic beforhand. I didnt know there was a parser for this game. I dont even know how that works considering there is no combat log but thats beside the point. I have always used dps meters or parsers to try to better myself or compete with other people (my friends) for bragging rights. Hell im usually a tank anyway. Actually, now that i think about it. The main thing i use them for as a raid leader was to see how people died.

Discord didn’t get any information or tampering with game file to get data like a dps meter would do

But DPS meters don’t ever touch or manipulate game files in any way.

Many western ppl dont have a decent microphone or headset, or they simply dont want to interact with others.

Replace western ppl with mmo ppl. In FPS games, even at the lowest skill level people know they have to communicate and use mics. I don’t want to sound offensive, but idk what are MMO players afraid of, it’s so anti-social, tbh.

this is factually incorrect. i am playing valorant on top bracket and people dont communicate in ranked match lol

Yeah, CSGO people communicate more than Valorant, but idk which server are you playing if people don’t communicate on higher levels. I was immortal 3 since the game was released up until I started playing this and 80% of teammates gave decent comms at least.

Which dps meters show total damage done by the group? I have not seen any of them do that. Usually they only show individual damage done.

LOA Details will show both individual and total party damage