Inferno Bussing , AGS shame on you. SG look at this

TOS violating , Ingame feature abussing . RMT .

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what exactly is against tos here? they are selling an in game service for in game currency


So basically people have to give account to the busser right ? That’s against ToS as I know. Maybe that is what OP meant.


that is not needed for valtan, only kakul needs a pilot iirc

They advertise deathless so they play on the customer accounts to achieve that and piloting is indeed against tos.

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how you sell deathless without pilot ?

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it would be enough for the buyer to know what to do, but the sellers are the ones doing all mechanics while the buyer just runs around focusing on surviving

I know people on my discord who jump on a friends account to run a few legions raids for them when they are too busy that week away for work or whatever.

If you are willing to give your account to a stranger for a title in a video game, well it is what it is.

LoL , if buyer can do that much he doesn’t need to buy a bus. Thats the most hilarious thing I ever heard. This is not normal valtan. Its hell mod.

you would be surprised

You make the buyer do it on blue gunlancer with full endurance, heavy armor, etc. and that’s kind of legit way how to bus it but piloting is against TOS.

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Big doubt that they will investigate and ban people for piloting, they have bigger problems now and better things to do, you should also seek better things to do.

True. But I highly doubt that man. If he can do that much , he does the raid with bluelancer with those engravings and stats.

so this is an equalized raid. if a person knows the mechs in and out and still decide to purchase deathless run, that is contradictorstatement. if he knows what to do, he doesnt need to spend on bus. if he doesnt know how to, he decided to purchase deathless, so now someone who knows the run has to pilot that char cuz ofc the original owner doesnt know aka ToS breaks.

so you pay for the deathless run while also requiring a blue gunlancer being 1445?(that is the inferno requirement?) who is going to get me that gunlancer lmao? even if i already have that gunlancer i can just join any deathless run to do it legit either way then. and those wts inferno doesnt have gunlancer as requirement as well so invalid option.

Lol getting bused as full endurance gunlancer and doing proper run as a gunlancer is not the same.

If u purchase a run like this u can run with heavy armor, ether predator and playing paladin number 3 or some shit and they basicly play as 7 u just need to manage to survive somehow and a normal clear is even more easy u just go afk…

There will be some people who are good but getting sick of imposter in their groups, sure but the most people buying those runs are just bad at the game and they problably pay with RMT too or just real money in the first place.

And pilot runs are against TOS anyway

imagine some time later titles every where : P1 Demon Roar talks to P2 Demon Roar
how much did you paid for you titles. oh my bus group did very fast 40min . another one wtf my bus group stucked for hours .

cringe as fk

cringe as fk . better take off this titles now . for not being sus as buyer

Stop panicking. Valtan Hell is, just like Valtan normal/hard releases is the training wheels of hell content in this game. Clown non hell is arguably harder than valtan hell. Valtan Hell is also EXTREMELY easy to sell, and does not require piloting. Are people piloting? Sure, of course. But definitely not required.

A lot of these groups will thin out greatly when the real hell modes drop for Vykas and Clown. And unfortunately even then there will be people to sell them, it just won’t be as polluted.