InFeRnO mOdE or Hell mode

Am I the only one that finds this naming to be quite funny in comparison to hell mode

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Ngl until this thread I had no idea that inferno mode meant hell mode, and I sure as fuck am not going to be calling it that if I don’t quit.

It honestly sounds like a new pokemon game, Lost Ark Inferno Red.

Should have called it cataclysm, WoW did it better


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Hell has unnecessary risk associated with religious parts of our regions,

of all changes, this one should have been expected. This based on similar decisions from other companies

maybe they really enjoyed diablo 3 inferno difficulty back when it launched and found this to be a more fitting name…

but still…? Why not hell-mode?

Like the GLAVER? GLAIVER? GLAIVIER? Whatever that was. Anyway, Lancemaster was what I was trying to refer to. Now cool name Arcana is turning into lame Arcanist. I believe the localization team is just a guy using google translate at this point. Might as well call it Fire Mode since they are all related words.

Just be happy they didnt name it Infernier mode

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Im suprised they didnt go with “really hard mode” … inferno mode sounds almost as dumb as glavier :joy: …i could care less about the names. Imma call em what i want but it does sound cheesy

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1000% scrubs will cry hell mode too hard and ask for nerf.

So demons are okay but not “hell” mode. Logic checks out.

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the naming is okay, i don’t see why you complaining, lets complain at 2 classes per month thats a real topic to discuss

you would be surprised.

I certainly was when I have met these types

??? Its a game lol


Probably called inferno instead of hell because of some christian clown working at AGS who got offended by the word “hell” lmfao.

Glad Roxx and the others spent their week in korea changing this kind of bullshit :clown_face:

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I would, but I know the one i want is not going be here until they finish the rest of them

I just could not stop lol’ing once I realized that this was supposed to be hell mode.

The only thing I could think of comparison is if they changed savage from FF to hard so that people weren’t as held back by the name or something; when I think of something named ‘savage’ i think of those street fighter games where it just goes “FATALITY” or like “BRUATLITY”. Not the biggest fan of the change either due to religious or whatever reason as your just giving the minority (that already probably wouldn’t touch this game) control over how you perceive they want to change the game for “westernization” .

Is the name different in any of the other 3 versions (KR/JP/RU)?

You will get used to it, just like the new names for each class, everyone hated Scrapper name but now i see everyone using it naturally lol

Who gives a fuck. This is the last thing you should worry about.

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