Infinite chaos botters in raids?

Impressive, very nice…
Lets see Paul Allen’s infinite chaos bot character.


At least, they are getting dem island souls.

Yeah, u have the whales getting their gear with real money meanwhile the botters are getting ahead of em for free LMAO

They tell you to report more of these people, but the result shows that there are still a lot of chaos dungeon script users in my alt guild with more than 1490 still working 24/7 ROFL

Bruh moment

@Doctor_Bread So this is a thing huh? Is this the kind of guys u see in there?

I checked out a botting Discord server, and I have to say good luck to those playing legitimately - Game Feedback / Game Feedback - Lost Ark Forums (

I think we can all agree that this is the best game ever made for botters and RMTers LOL


These types of botters are the reasons you see more Valtan HM’s popping up for 30K+ gold carry runs. There are groups out there carrying botters believe it or not. They do it with abyssals and so they also do it with end content. However, I believe it will end with clown if not Vykas. Who knows.

I carry real players every week. Bots don’t buy carries. tf u even talking about

Why would 1500 botters need a carry lol? Valtan hard mode is already really easy at minimum ilvl. If anything, these botters would just melt him super quickly

In my opinion, any chaos bot will build those engravings BUT not all peoples that build those engraving are bots.
Those are just engravings in game that people will freely build them at some point.
There is no reason to assigning those people as chaos botters, unless AGS has further tools to monitor chaos dungeon and detect accounts that are online 24/7 to do chaos dungeon from time to time.

So they just magically acquire relic armor without Valtan?
If people believe botters aren’t buying carries they have no idea what is actually going on behind the scenes. Of course botters would buy a carry with their infinite gold to get to a point where they can coast when that content arrives.

I mean the botters would just do valtan legit, is that too hard to understand? lol

They have 0 reason to do Valtan legit. Why would a botter do Valtan legit? for fun?

This is one of the reasons rmt and botting is so bad, too many player enablers. “It’s okay that’s just a real player who really enjoys the game named Qfefeftefq!”

Might as well try to use script or some damage magic in game.

Bots do not have to buy carries. They can go in and one shot the boss. Or are you unaware of that at this point?


Bots can just instant kill any raid boss dude…

Perhaps you’re unaware you can’t just one shot boss mechanics away. Valtan, just like Vykas, will continue to do mechanics with 1 hp until a certain point is reached. Don’t believe me? go watch the ether weapon videos. These bosses still require human interaction and besides I have seen these bot carry groups with my own two eyes.

Bro i literally solo the boss for the past 2 weeks doing Bus runs. I know far more about the encounter than you do. If you think Valtan is some mystical land that can’t be scripted then you’re just too low oxygen to even be talking about it.

It doesn’t matter, they instant kill the boss and it goes through the mechanics and they dont die cuz godmode.

It doesn’t matter.