Infinite chaoss dungeon nerfed after patch ! dont play it

I played yesterday before patch 1 h of infinite chaoss dungeon. I was surprised how much loot i get not that much but was ok… sad i dont remember the numbers

Playing right now…

Floor 1 no posibility get a single guardian or destruction stone, normal not named foes doesnt drop anythink else only shard of purification or fragment of longing.

Sorry no worth play for me today…

I know botters are big issue but again we who play the game normal get another punishment

Bots ruin this game little by little in every aspect from immersion to auction house prices, sucks don’t know how long the playerbase will tolerate this before more and more quit. It is what it is.

Its always been hit or niss tbh. The currency is more important anyways, but going 1 floor with no guards or destros is normal and always has been

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fake, go home bot


Doing infinite chaos is not normal gameplay and having another character do them would be way more efficient