Inflation is coming

They’re clearing out the warehouse

Some of us don’t understand the Chinese characters that are shown so might as well give a further in-depth translation kek

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I can’t read Chinese and I don’t understand economics or market too well, but isn’t inflation already here? I though that’s why people were complaining on top of the queue times of course.

  • This time the situation is more serious

Just because inflation is already here doesnt mean it couldnt be worse

Royal crystal value might actually be worth something soon… To bad everything else will also triple in price.

Don’t mind me just being an ass. The title says it’s coming, implying that it is not already here.

I also personally don’t care if something can get worse. It’s bad as is and my future plans and decisions have already been decided based on how shit it is right now.

Again, I am being a dick because I am at bored and have nothing better to spend my time on. Also, the screen protects me from being in a physical confrontation and I intend to abuse that to hide my insecurities. I am just a fat nobody on the internet with too much time.

Finally. Good to see.

Keep’em coming.